Keep Learning

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. -Pablo Picasso

Yesterday’s great is today’s mediocre

Did you graduate from school? Congratulations, now keep learning…

“If you view graduation as a commencement, a beginning, it can be a foundation for future value creation and service. That is the exact opposite perspective from those who mistakenly imagine that their credentials constitute entitlement…” -James Strock, Serve To Lead

It is no accident that leaders in various fields are voracious learners whose imaginations are defiantly unbounded by the often artificial strictures and structures of formal education or academic disciplines.

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Three Steps to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Steps for digital marketing strategy
Whether you’re the VP of Marketing, or you’ve just landed your first gig in the digital marketing field, these three steps can help improve your overall digital marketing strategy. Continue reading

Things You Hear When You Are Sober

things you hear when you are sober like life must be boring

One amusing thing about sobriety are the things you hear when you are sober.

When you let someone know you are sober, you get a distinct look (for better or for worse) and believe it or not, a level of respect you probably haven’t experienced before. Some will respect you more so while some will think you are “boring”.  They look at you puzzled and intrigued. Then following that intrigued look come some interesting comments.

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Family succeed life inspires

Family inspires us to succeed in life

Family inspires you to keep grinding to succeed in life. When you fail at work focus on  your family. Never give up.  Mount family pictures in your work area. Look at them and you’ll never throw in the towel.

If you’re married,  hang a picture of you and your spouse where you can see it from your desk. Display your children’s where you can gaze at them.Strive to make your grandchildren’s pictures visible. Do this so you are constantly reminded to succeed for their sake.

family will inspire you succeed in life

Honesty and hard work will inspire you and  your family to succeed in life. A wise person said that if you are caught doing something wrong it’s not only your reputation you’re tarnishing. Your are also ruining the reputation of your parents, kids and other family members.  Think about it. How embarrassing is it for family members who have your last name when you do something wrong? What if it’s published or made public. Kids are embarrassed in school. Your spouse is judged and  laughed at behind her back at work. Your parents are shamed.

Set an example so that your family has someone they can emulate.  Have you ever heard the old saying, monkey see monkey do? Your children and their children are watching. Don’t just say to them to do what you say and not what you do. This will not work especially if they see that you are reaping benefits doing things that are dishonest. They will think that you can stock pile wealth and happiness by cheating the system.  They’ll think it’s normal to break laws, be dishonest and do whatever it take to succeed in life and business. You need to set the standard for honesty and integrity.

family members will succeed in life by telling  the truth, being honest and working hard.

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cloud plume of an atmospheric river on the west coast

What Is an Atmospheric River?

An atmospheric river is a long and narrow band of water vapor that forms over an ocean and flows through the sky.  Well, that should be simple to see.  But what are these fast moving abundant
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How to unplug on vacation

Are you ready for a summer escape? If so, you want a vacation that is as stress free as possible.   Continue reading

Burn Calories Dancing Hula – But Don’t Forget To Pack Your Aloha

Tired of the same old workout? For a fun and effective way to exercise, take yourself to the islands for an hour a day and burn calories dancing hula – but don’t forget to pack your aloha.   Continue reading

drunk and depressed man holding liquor bottle

Alcohol-Free Activities in DFW

Drinking is overrated. But what alcohol-free activities in DFW is there to enjoy?

You have stopped drinking. Now what? What alcohol-free activities in DFW is there to enjoy? How do you stay off the alcohol binge?  How will you spend your weekend, not to mention Sunday brunch?  The good news is there is a lot of fun things to do that can benefit you (no pun intended) and not actually affect you. Continue reading

Weather Needs Respect Around Dallas

The Journey Begins

The weather needs respect around Dallas, when on August 2, 1985, Delta Flight 191 crashes on final approach because of wind shear from a severe thunderstorm.  The media covered the story for days and a 12-year-old just moving to Dallas had his life changed forever.  Continue reading

Local Government Communication – Far from Boring

Awards, keepsakes and experiences of a local government communicatorHave you considered a career in local government communication? Think it might be too boring for you? Well, think again. A single week offers a laundry list of diversity. You’ll work on everything from promoting new trash routes to a new park opening. Here’s a few myth-busting insights that might make you reconsider the profession. Continue reading

Overcome Your Fitness Plateau: Tips and Advice

Image of a desert plateau

Don’t get stuck here!

You’ve been hitting the gym quite regularly lately and you’re seeing some positive results.  But for some reason, your results are slowing and the gains are fewer.  This is the dreaded fitness plateau.  This is one of the most frustrating and de-motivating phenomena that you can encounter in your fitness program.  You can overcome your fitness plateau by changing some things in your routine.  The following are some tips and advice to help you get off the plateau. Continue reading

Overcome Writer’s Block With a New Perspective

Get happy again and overcome writer's blockThe air possesses the hint of writer’s block as the cursor sits silently on a blank, white screen. A few minutes pass, the cursor is sleeping and the screen begins a conversation with the keyboard. Continue reading

Hilarious Gym Weirdos: A Guide to Sideshow Entertainment

If you have been to the gym in recent months you have noticed the massive influx of new members.  With this influx comes a golden opportunity for personal entertainment.   It is absolutely amazing how many hilarious gym weirdos there are.  This article showcases some of the best sideshows the gym has to offer.  Enjoy, and be on the lookout!  You could be missing out. Continue reading

Harness the Power of a College Internship Program

Start a College Internship ProgramMore than just free help, a college internship program can boost the overall productivity of your office. Just remember free isn’t really free. A successful college internship program takes advance planning and time to manage. Still interested in beginning an internship program? Here’s some helpful advice to get you started.
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Coping in an open office

Is coping in an open office possible while keeping your sanity?   Shared office spaces save companies money, but only if employees are able to concentrate and thrive. Today’s open office environments are designed to encourage collaboration and workflow, but many studies suggest they are not as effective . Here are a few tips to help you navigate in an open environment. Continue reading

Top Tips for Managing a Website Development Project

Managing your agency's website developmentTasked with managing your agency’s next website development project? No doubt that it’s a challenging and complex task. Checklists for this process vary by role. Factors like agency size and whether the site will be developed in-house or outsourced influence project management as well. If you are working with a vendor to outsource your website development project, these tips are for you.  Continue reading

Mind Healer

The mind can be our healer. So says Dr. Lisa Rankin in her book “Mind over Medicine .” According to Rankin the mind can create that healing or sickness based on our feelings and beliefs.  Every cell is creating either sickness or wellness

Mind Healing

Whether or not we feel love or even anger affects our wellbeing. Using some of the latest scientific research she shows us examples of our inner MD (our thought life) that knows exactly what to prescribe.

Empowered with this knowledge, we can choose health over sickness. Imagine yourself whole and at peace, strong and happy. This is possible when we tap into the healing potential of our minds. Not only can reading her book change your life, it might just save it!

Examples of some of Rankin’s stories are the woman who’s cancerous tumor shrank down to nothing during radiation only for the doctors to find out that the radiation machine was not even working. But she believed the machine was in fact working. Or how about the man who had a heart attack but refused doctors orders to have an emergency bypass performed. He went home, changed his diet, started walking and praying. After several months in to his new lifestyle change, a repeat visit showed his incurable heart condition had disappeared.  And our last amazing example talks of a new research drug for chemotherapy called EPOH. It was getting marginal positive results, but one doctor was getting wildly successful results. The reason? He simple changed the name of the drug to HOPE when discussing the treatment with patients.

Is it true? Is it possible? Do we as people or patients help control the healing process? Will our curiosities allow us to dig deeper into this phenomenon? The truth is that most doctors will admit that there seems to be an unknown between the mystical and the physiological and that what connects the two may be our powerful minds.


Junior Master Naturalist Program

North Texas Master Naturalist and students identifying bobcat skull.

The Perot Museum’s Junior Master Naturalist outdoor education program is a unique well rounded curriculum.  It is also one of the first of its kind in the United States.  Perot Museum staff educator Jessica Crowley, said “From day one, students participating in our kick-off season of the Junior Master Naturalist program have been super excited and engaged in the content.”  The program is a joint activity of Perot and highly trained North Texas Master Naturalists volunteers.

Nineteen students grades 4-6 gather one Thursday night a month in the Perot learning lab to study Texas geologic history, aquatic science, plant biology, and the biology and identification of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. They then follow-up each lab with a field trip on  specified Saturdays to local Dallas area nature parks to explore what they have learned in the labs.  Everything from collecting fossils, setting up game cameras, scat identification, planting seed balls to restore a Blackland Prairie and learning how to track animals in the field.  Both the labs and the field trips are extraordinarily well organized with expert educators who are adept a making learning fascinating.  The pilot program began September 2015 and will conclude June 2016, sign-up will begin July 2016 for the 2016/2017 year.

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Leaders and Managers

LeaderLeaders and Managers

Today, leaders and managers must be able to set the goals, develop a plan, communicate the plan, supervise execution of the plan and continually build a motivational climate.  Many companies must meet the new challenges in the global world.  Globalization has changed the way leaders and managers do business.  What make a good leaders and managers?   Continue reading

A Leader’s Legacy



What makes a great leader?  A leader is a person who wants to be the face of an organization, the person responsible for success and failure, the person who has all the right answer, and is someone who has no room for improvement.  These tend to be commonly held beliefs in our society and “A Leader’s Legacy” sets out to show how these beliefs are not only wrong but how true leaders act.  The book discusses what it is to be a leader and how legacies are left behind.  The book disputes leaders are born or made, and shows that leaders aren’t always the charismatic  or natural leaders. Continue reading

Cedar Ridge Preserves Nature and Minds

Cedar Ridge Preserves Nature and Minds

Imagine educating your kids in Dallas’ most beautiful nature preserves. Well you can. It may be just a few miles away but it’s hundreds of miles from the madness of carpools, appointments and over scheduled kids.

Picture of Cedar Ridge sign agains beautiful Texas sunset

Cedar Ridge Preserve Sign

While there are many nature options available, Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve is a Dallas treasure. Perched on the edge of the Edwards Plateau off Highway 67, it’s the ideal place where both parents and kids can truly take a breath, relax and revel in Dallas’ own slice of the hill country. Besides the views at an elevation of 775 feet, it’s where the Blackland Prairie meets the limestone escarpment of the plateau. It’s one of the few places in Dallas kids get to see native grassland, wildflowers, and spectacular hills all in one place. Not to mention, those incomparable Texas sunsets and coyotes serenading at dusk and morning!


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Educate Dallas Kids thru Night Nature Hike

Night Nature Hike Educates Dallas Children

For hundreds of years during a full moon Comanche Indian children have been guided to The Story Telling Place.  Teaching while on a nature hike – through story telling – is a great tool to educate kids.  About life and nature!  The mystery of walking through a forest at night is both exhilarating and frightening.

This is a photo of a full to educate kids in nature.

Full moon over bowl-shaped indention of white limestone chalk

Even Dallas children can become great explorers and adventurers when challenge, mystery and opportunity are provided.  During the full Christmas moon, a group of kids were taken for special story telling evening.  After winding through a moon dappled footpath – with branches reaching out and the quiet rustling among the leaves – the explorers came upon an opening in the woods. A natural limestone shaped amphitheater called The Story Telling Place. The Comanche people have deemed this site sacred. The past magic of the full moon reflection still bounces off the chalk rocks.


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Business plus digital equals progression

Formula (b+d=p) Business plus digital equals progression

Formula to success 

 Knowing how to use the latest in digital advancements is a vital role to your company’s success. Have you noticed a multitude of new trending ways to market your brand, expand knowledge and endless opportunities? Have you thrown a curve ball lately? Business plus digital equals progression let’s go from phone-book to digital. Meetings in a boardroom are decreasing while digital meetings are increasing. Live in future for your business. What is your next step?

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The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Two men wearing white gloves holding picture of ancient art, computer, yahoo messanger and astronaut

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Can you predict the future in communications? From ancient artifacts to digital in communications. Architectural findings a beautiful wealth of information still awaiting its revealing day. Teaching and mystifying us on a daily basis this knowledge was and is very hard to be obtained. This is possible through passion, drive,inspiration, travel, time, and money. Records are kept by preserving artifacts and advancements in writing have led us to hand written records.

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Listening though the ears of social media

Listening though the ears of social media Listening through the ears of social media #digpro monitoring

Listening through the ears of social media

Listening though the ears of social media

Listening though the ears of social media Who What When Where. Who is your audience? What devices are they using? Where are they online? Continue reading 

Tips for Protecting Your Online Reputation

Protecting Your Online Reputation Matters

You already know that your reputation, just like a good first impression, is important in personal and professional settings.  Protecting your online reputation is increasingly important as you are judged by the results of online searches.  This information is often the first or only information that individuals receive about you. Continue reading