How to clean your blog and make it SEO friendly

As more people are following Marie Kondo’s new phenomenon, which aims to help people clean their spaces by choosing joy with simple tools, we can also declutter our blog to make it more attractive for our readers and SEO friendly.
The KonMari Method™ encourages tidying by category. Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.

how to clean your blog

Is your blog sparking joy?

If your WordPress blog is not bringing joy to you, it really needs a deep cleaning. A messy blog could not only drive away visitors, but it could also be slow, insecure and hard to navigate.
Inspired by this method, we can clean our blog by category.

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Write Better Blogs for Your Business with These Seven Tips

A laptop computer sits on a table with a coffee mug, notepad, and phone. Find a good space to write better blogs.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Regularly updating your company’s blog provides you with a great opportunity to connect with your customers. A thoughtfully crafted article can demonstrate your expertise and help answer common questions. But if you’re more comfortable writing 280-character tweets or Instagram captions, a blog may seem intimidating. Below are seven tips to help you write better blogs.

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Man’s Popular Website Homograph Attacked on His Punycode

Are Your Fat Fingers Letting You Get Robbed?

We jest, but Homograph Attacks are an increasingly serious problem.

Google calls this the “URLephant in the Room” and has an update that protects you from URL imposters.

If you fell victim to these lookalike URLs, you will often find yourself at the wrong end of a phishing or malware attack.

Even with this update, as a website owner, you may still want to evaluate your website name for attacks like these to protect your visitors.

Avoiding a Homograph Attack

Google’s Canary release for Chrome 70 contained a new feature you can enable called “Navigation suggestions for Lookalike URLs”.

If you mistyped a URL, Chrome will provide a message with an alternative that it thinks you wanted to visit.

Just Deserts or Just Desserts?

(No this isn’t the Chrome Message)

This protects you against a class of attacks known as domain name homographic attack. One form is typosquatting, such as for

Protect Your Punycode

You are also protected against another homograph exploitation – how a browser displays Unicode characters in regular (ASCII) text (think “Citibänk” instead of “Citibank”) – called punycode.

This obscures domains while displaying the same or similar text for a link (xn— – a domain translation made from Chinese characters – becomes in your browser).

You can turn this protection on by entering the URL below in the address bar, and selecting the option to enable:


Go Deep on Punycode and Homograph Attacks – Click Here

What’s a Website Owner To Do?

To protect your brand and reputation from homograph attacks, you could hire an internet security firm.

For More on Impact to Brand Risk – Click Here

They would scan the web for branding and trademark related lookalike domains. They’d also monitor for new domain name registries to flag.

If you run a larger enterprise, you will also want to analyze your internal networks too for any vulnerabilities.

On a limited budget? You could go to this domain checker to cover the most obvious imposters:

Hold Integrity Domain Checker

Background on the Domain Checker Tool – Click Here

Puny or Punny?

Yes we made a bit of a joke of it, but now you know about Homograph Attacks and how you can protect yourself and your website from those URL impostors!

But Wait! There’s More!

The fun hasn’t ended yet. Check out this Justin Bieber Parody.

ESL Gold: A Goldmine for Language Learning and Teaching

The task of learning English can be scary, as can the task of teaching English! ESL Gold offers  many resources for teachers and students, all sorted by skill and level. Content for student and teachers includes videos, daily lessons, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary exercises. Language learning and teaching has never been easier – and FREE!

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yelp website Yelp Isn't Just for Wannabe Food Critics

Discover Why Yelp Isn’t Just for Wannabe Food Critics

Yelp Isn’t Just for Wannabe Food Critics

I was once sharing my affinity for Yelp and asked my friend if she uses the app. She said, “No, Yelp is for wannabe food critics.” I understood what she meant, but I use yelp in a much different way. Here are five reasons Yelp isn’t just for wannabe food critics.

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Top Tips for Managing a Website Development Project

Managing your agency's website developmentTasked with managing your agency’s next website development project? No doubt that it’s a challenging and complex task. Checklists for this process vary by role. Factors like agency size and whether the site will be developed in-house or outsourced influence project management as well. If you are working with a vendor to outsource your website development project, these tips are for you.  Continue reading