Texarkana’s Old Town Museum Celebrates a Texas Treasure

Are you ready to experience life on the 1890’s Texas frontier?   At Texarkana’s Old Town Museum, you’ll get a glimpse of the railroad town once called the “Gate City of Texas”.   When you stroll through the shops you’ll imagine the sights and sounds of daily life on Broad Street.  Guides are also available to help you learn how the early residents of this Texas town worked and lived.  Opening to the public on May 12th, come explore this new Texas treasure. Continue reading

How to Host an Authentic Mad Men Style Cocktail Party

Creating the look and feel of a Mad Men party doesn’t have to require a smoke-filled room. Stock up on some of these authentic 1960’s groovy goods, a few bottles of booze, and get ready to jam. Here are a few ways to throw an authentic Mad Men style cocktail party.   Continue reading

Road Trip Relief – Vintage Stores from Dallas to Austin

car-171416_1280 (2)For those of you who have made the excruciating drive from Dallas to Austin, you know that the southbound “three hour” trip can feel – and sometimes take – much longer.  So, before you gas up, give yourself a pep talk, and prepare to navigate the concrete barriers and seemingly endless tail lights, give yourself something to look forward to.

Consider this your road trip relief –  stops at vintage stores from Dallas to Austin.

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Must Have Albums When Building a Classic Record Collection

The scratchy sound of an old record, even connected to today’s hi-fi stereos, has a soothing and nostalgic quality to it.  There’s an intangible sense of satisfaction that comes from the record playing ritual:  pulling the vinyl from its paper sleeve, slowly flipping the record as you lightly blow the dust off both sides, placing it gently onto the turntable, then watching the need drop… ready for the magic to begin.

Whether you’re a new age audiophile or an LP junkie, vinyl is making a comeback – and here are a few suggestions of must-have albums when building a classic record collection.
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The Buying Game: Online Auction Tips for Vintage Newbies

You’ve searched the entire world-wide-web over and found that must-have vintage treasure. With the growth of online auction sites and the nature of vintage buying and selling, there’s a good chance the item you found is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

children-computerThe nice thing about online auctions is that the bidding typically takes place over a period of days, which means you have plenty of time to gather information about the auction site and item before you begin bidding.

Here are some online auction tips for beginners.


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What Antique, Vintage, and Retro Really Mean

I like old stuff. I don’t know why. I just know it makes me happy.

While looking for well found treasures or fun old finds online, I found that the terms antique, vintage, and retro were almost always used interchangeably, and more often than not, incorrectly. So I did some digging to cut through the clutter to find out what ‘antique,’ ‘vintage,’ ‘retro,’ really mean. Continue reading

For the love of vintage books

My fascination with all things vintage started with my love for reading.

I’ve always been a book worm – as a child I hid in the attic so I could finish those last few Judy Blume pages before dinner. As a teenager, I was all too happy to be sent to my room to “think about what I had done” while flipping through a Danielle Steele romance novel. And as a grown up, I discarded the idea of downloading a book onto Kindle for the comfort of turning pages. So, during a trip to London years ago, a friend of mine took me down Charing Cross Road, famously lined with old bookstores – and full of vintage books.

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