Ready to upgrade your map app? Check out this Emoji-based app 🗺👌

Do you remember the days when you used an actual map to get around?  Yes, a paper map – the one you purchased from a local gas station and stored in your glovebox.  If you’re a millennial, then probably not.  Nowadays we all have our favorite go-to map app but sometimes typing an address can be a lot of work.  Now there’s a new iOS map app that’s accelerating the way you use maps on your phone in a visually compelling way.  Emoji-based map app WYD, short for “what you doing”, uses emojis rather than a text keyboard to search for nearby places to explore and share with friends. Continue reading

3 Ways to Keep Up with Social Media Trends

Woman fearful of overwhelming social media icons

If you’re like pretty much everyone on the planet, keeping up with the latest social media trends can be a daunting task. As soon as you’ve learned a new feature or believe you’ve figured out the ever-elusive algorithm, new features are released and past tricks are obsolete. So how is a digital marketer to stay on top of the latest and greatest? Here are 3 ways to keep up with social media trends.

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Three Ways to Keep Your Content “Alive” on Social Media

Social Media People Jumping

Photo by Jared Sluyter

What’s worse than stale potato chips? Stale content on your social media channels. Whether you are a leader, business owner, or entrepreneur, it’s advantageous for you to keep your content “alive” on social media. In fact, make this a non-negotiable priority. And, it’s actually easier than you may think.

So, without further ado, here are three awesome ways to keep your content from going stale across your social media channels.  Continue reading

Maximize Your Brand Awareness on Social Media Like Adidas

Social Media Like Adidas... Red Adidas Shoe

Photo by Matthew Hamilton

Today, one of the most iconic brands in athletic apparel is transforming the social media game. Adidas is chiefly synonymous with athletic shoes. While you may recognize the brand for their quality and style, you might also want to explore how to maximize your brand awareness on social media like Adidas.

The brand produces more than 850 million product units annually. So it’s no surprise that Adidas is cultivating an undeniable influence on social media, specifically Instagram. If you want to maximize your brand awareness on social media like Adidas, get ready to incorporate some of the brand’s tactics in your own strategic efforts.

“Change the game, run the world.”  – Adidas

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Emoji’s Made Social Media More Social

Emoji’s Made Social Media More Social

During the early stages of text messaging and social media, character counts were maxed out at 140, and users had to find inventive ways to use their “voice”. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions became challenging to express, and with messaging rates still at a price/per, long conversations were too expensive for most users. Networks became bogged down and engineers and researchers were called up to create solutions. A Japanese research facility began testing a new form of expression. One that only took 1 character to convey, the Emoji. Emoji’s made social media more social immediately and the world of digital communication was forever changed.

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College Faculty Use Social Media

College Faculty Use Social Media More Than Workplace Employees

Faculty in the collegiate space, typically thought of by the corporate world as slow moving and behind the times, use social media platforms more than workplace employees. An April 2011 survey shows that college faculty use social media in myriad ways both professionally and personally, outpacing their corporate counterparts 2-1. While faculty reported that they were aware of most of the social platforms, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs were noted as those that were most frequently visited and used, some out of necessity and not out of desire. Interestingly, faculty who have been in the professoriate for more than 20 years showed the same level of awareness of social media as those who have been in the field for fewer than 5.

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Snapping while Chatting

snapSnapchat: Texting of 2016. But, one must ask, when is it appropriate to Snapchat in the work place? Or can it be pulled off without being noticed? Is it possible ? Always great questions. Generation X? Generation Y? It doesn’t matter. Here’s the 101 on how to Snapchat at properly work. There are only two big rules you must follow.  Continue reading

Social Media in Higher Education

Utilizing Social Media in Higher Education

Long gone are the days where high school students looked through pamphlets of regional colleges and universities to decide which school they wanted to attend. College recruitment has gone from a part-time job of a college counselor to a multi-million dollar component of university budgets. Tactics ranging from in-person visits to direct mailers are deployed in order to secure a freshman class, however; both are incredibly expensive. With collegiate state and federal funding drastically decreasing, new recruitment methods that are more cost effective are being used. The largest of which, is utilizing social media in higher education.

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Wine and Social Media: A Perfect Blend for success?

This is a photo of vineyards for wine and social media.So you’ve tweeted a picture-perfect shot of your vines glistening in the California sun, fabulous. But are wine and social media the perfect blend to increased sales at your winery?

Consider that the last of the millennials have just turned 21 and are drinking more wine than any other generation. Of the 77 million young people classified as millennials, well over half are choosing wine as their beverage of choice. Wine and social media are the perfect blend to higher winery sales. Continue reading

HDR Photography

HDR Photography

Image by Spencer Martinez

HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is the ratio of light to dark in photography.
Why would it be necessary to use HDR? To create an image in which there is too much light or shadows in a scene. A camera lens does not have the dynamic range to view a scene like our eyes. A human eye has an extraordinary range and sees what is going on in the shadows.
HDR photography is done by capturing several different exposures, from extremely over-exposed to under-exposed and a few exposures in between. The images are then combined using image editing software. Equipment you will need for HDR photography, digital camera, tripod and image editing software. Continue reading

Twitter and NBA Free Agency

In age of Twitter NBA Free Agency much more accessible for fans

The news just broke that former Clippers center and unrestricted free agent, DeAndre Jordan, has reportedly come to terms with the Dallas Mavericks, and if you been following NBA Free Agency on Twitter, this should come as no surprise to you. Continue reading

In Women’s World Cup Social Media is Huge

FIFA Women’s World Cup Social Channels Have Booming Numbers

Women's World Cup Social LogoIt’s Friday afternoon at the time of this post and the US Women’s Soccer Team is hours away from its quarterfinal match versus China.  And social media is paying attention. Continue reading

How to: Convice your boss the power of social media

Social media is ranked the most difficult marketing tactic. Surprised?

Why is this? And why does your boss not understand the importance of investing time and resources into doing it right?

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The future of Social Media, and how it relates to Content Distribution.

Dr. Phil using fans' content.

Social Media will become a viable choice for Content Distribution.

Social Media is defined as; forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content.  Content Distribution, as it relates to television can be generally defined as; the systematic placement of entertainment programming throughout a specific territory.  The content distribution team, may currently choose several different strategies and platforms; broadcast network television (ABC, NBC, CBS…), syndicated broadcast television (various television stations throughout the country), cable television (Time Warmer, Comcast..) satellite television (Direct TV, DisH…), internet based streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu,…), internet based social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube…).

Despite the current Social Media definition, there has always been small, personal communities to share ideas and messages.  The later was called “water cooler conversations”, “hanging out”, and “talking on the  telephone”.  However, technology has now connected the populations of the world in ways that most could not imagine 15-20 years ago.  In regard to television, the closest program to “go viral”, was ABC’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.  The gameshow airing in primetime on consecutive nights, broke virtually every ratings record.  Elevating host Regis Philbin, to the status of “The Man who saved the Network”.  A statement that is arguably true.

Now the internet, and new tech hardware has taken social media to it’s current form, and placed all content within it’s streaming grasp.  SnapChat, the disappearing message app, has launched a new entertainment feed called “Discover”.  Facebook’s newsfeed is more substantial everyday, and I wouldn’t rule out scheduled programming going forward.  Twitter has increased the availability of embedded video, and may stream content live regularly at some point.  And Youtube, has become a viable alternative to television as we currently know it.  And with the addition of NFL programming, it’s footprint will only grow at an exponential rate.

What we have in effect, is a convergence of platforms which compete for public attention.  The question is, can you get enough Dr Phil, Live with Kelly and Michael, or Entertainment Tonight by liking their Facebook page, or subscribing to their Youtube channel?  The television studios are hoping the answer is no, or at least, not anytime soon.  However, unlike the terminal, historic decision to go VHS or Beta.  Hollywood is making sure their programming is available on all platforms.  As the public decides who the ultimate distribution survivors will be.  The studios will be ready to expand or shutdown, whatever the situation or business decision warrants.

So the future of Social Media is an ever increasing intimate relationship with Content Distribution.  The day may come (sooner than later), when you watch your daily episode of Ellen, on her Facebook page.  The same is true for any other programming that you currently find on broadcast or cable television.  The technology is here, the studios and social media platforms are just waiting for the FCC, and the Supreme Court to catch up.


Magic: The Every-Man’s Personal Assistant Service

Looking for ways to add some convenience to your life?  Do you need some help knocking a few pesky items off your to do list?

If so, this new personal assistant service may be the answer to your call… or text, as the case may be!

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Business development using social media

Business development using social media

What is Business development using social media? Development/growth for your business using Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Walk though the introduction of social media platforms and how to use them to develop your business. Today’s market is full of ways to connect with your audience using social media platforms. We will start at your website and work our way out! Continue reading

Business plus digital equals progression

Formula (b+d=p) Business plus digital equals progression

Formula to success 

 Knowing how to use the latest in digital advancements is a vital role to your company’s success. Have you noticed a multitude of new trending ways to market your brand, expand knowledge and endless opportunities? Have you thrown a curve ball lately? Business plus digital equals progression let’s go from phone-book to digital. Meetings in a boardroom are decreasing while digital meetings are increasing. Live in future for your business. What is your next step?

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Study Reveals How Journalists Use Social Media as News Sources

Social Media Study on Journalists and News Sources

Graphic courtesy Huffington Post.

How do journalists use social media, and is it important for reporting the news? A 2014 Indiana University School of Journalism study, reported in The Washington Post, revealed that yes, journalists use social media as news sources. But some other surprising findings emerged from the study of 1,080 U.S. journalists.(

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It’s Time to Chat about SnapChat

snapchat header

It’s Time to Chat about SnapChat


It’s a typical weekend and your teenager’s friends come over for a visit. They are eager to play video games, go outside or go shopping. As usual you impede their progress with a quick discussion. Instead of talking about their social lives or school, we find ourselves engaging them in conversation about the latest social media communications they are using. This is how, as adults, we first heard about SnapChat. Most of us saw it as a mischievous teen app with potentially bad implications. According to, – “SnapChat was built seemingly to conquer the ill’s of sexting and taking inappropriate pictures”. Oh no! It’s time to chat about SnapChat. Continue reading

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Two men wearing white gloves holding picture of ancient art, computer, yahoo messanger and astronaut

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Can you predict the future in communications? From ancient artifacts to digital in communications. Architectural findings a beautiful wealth of information still awaiting its revealing day. Teaching and mystifying us on a daily basis this knowledge was and is very hard to be obtained. This is possible through passion, drive,inspiration, travel, time, and money. Records are kept by preserving artifacts and advancements in writing have led us to hand written records.

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The Superintendent’s Blog: Is the Time Right?

Most school superintendents, as a public school district CEO, are aware of blogs, but may not have initiated their own. Is it time for your CEO to write a superintendent’s blog as a new priority for your school district communications plan?

Peter Aceto, president and CEO of Tangerine Bank, says in Forbes Brand Voice that the CEO should say  “yes” to blogs. He points out, “If you are thinking this is about social media, you’re wrong. This is about finding a better way to lead, to govern, and to do business.”

How does that translate to the public school district CEO? A superintendent’s blog is one The superintendent's blog is written on a keyboard.
communications tool that will allow district constituents to learn more about the superintendent, his style, and his perspectives. The potential readers include employees, students, parents, business representatives, elected officials, older citizens, and taxpayers. Continue reading

WGSN Cites Trends in Social Apps

Vive mobile app image

(Photo courtesy of

WGSN an international trends forecasting company used predominantly by the fashion industry, cites trends in social apps may  surprise app users. Social apps are continuing to be among one of the hottest trends in the mobile space.

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The Wendy Williams Show and her Social Media team.

The Social Media team for the Wendy Williams Show, is one of the best in the business.

During the Nielsen November 2014 sweep, Wendy Williams faced an avalanche of criticism on Social Media.  The negative, and insulting tweets, posts, and comments were the result of a less than perfect biopic called “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”.  Which premiered on the Lifetime cable channel during this critical ratings period.  Wendy Williams, host of her own syndicated talk show was Executive Producer of the title.  All month, as the air date for the Aaliyah project neared.  Ms Williams shamelessly promoted “Aaliyah” on her daily syndicated talk show, The Wendy Williams website, and via Social Media.  Promising to “get it right”, and produce a film that everyone could be proud of.  A tribute to Aaliyah, the much loved and revered singer/actress, who died tragically in a plane crash during the summer of 2001.   She left this world at age 22, on the verge of true super stardom.  Fortunately for Ms Williams, her Social Media team was “listening”, and may have saved The Wendy Williams Show.

From the start, there were problems developing the title.  First, Aaliyah’s parents refused to allow the usage of original music in the film.  Then, one major actress, followed by others dropped out of the project.  Still with limited resources, the project moved forward.  A process covered step by step on Social Media.  Many voiced their concern, and felt the project should not continue.  However, throughout the process, Ms. Williams used her various platforms to promote the title.

The result can only be called a disaster, as the critics were swift, and lethal.  Social Media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram lit up the internet.  Critics not only trashed the movie, but went after Wendy Williams personally.  The onslaught of toxic tweets, posts, and comments demanded a personal on-air apology from Ms Williams.  This situation was made worst, when Ms Williams while addressing the movie on-air, said “her phone was broken”.  And that she was unaware of the backlash on Social Media until that morning.  The less than sincere excuses only enraged the critics, and they started discussing a boycott of the show.  The internet erupted in pointed, hostile criticism of Wendy Williams over the next several days.  Finally, with everyone watching and waiting, Wendy addressed the biopic on the show.  In total triumph and a big smile, Wendy Williams said that the movie was a huge success!  And was the #2 rated title to air on Lifetime in all of 2014.  Again, the Social Media team was listening, and may have saved The Wendy Williams Show.

Over the next few days, positive tweets, posts, and comments started to hit the platforms.  In some cases, addressing an insult, and suggesting “its time to move on”. Within the next few weeks, the boycott had lost steam, and the critics decided to let sleeping dogs lie silent.  Again, her excellent Social Media team may have saved the Wendy Williams Show.

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Twitter vs. Instagram – who wins?

picture of a street sign saying Twitter lane

The reactions to Twitter’s last quarterly results were mixed. The mobile use and ad revenue increased and met the expectations of analysts and investors. When looking at increase in number of users, the picture looks quite different from what many expected. Twitter currently has 241m active users. Some experts and analysts compared the numbers by looking at Twitter vs Instagram and tried to define a winner. But does that really make sense?

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Social responsibility top trend for business and professional branding

Social responsibility is a top trend in 2015. Digital and social media platforms have allowed business and professionals seeking enhanced brand identity to leverage social responsibility benefits and opportunities.

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