ESL Gold: A Goldmine for Language Learning and Teaching

The task of learning English can be scary, as can the task of teaching English! ESL Gold offers  many resources for teachers and students, all sorted by skill and level. Content for student and teachers includes videos, daily lessons, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary exercises. Language learning and teaching has never been easier – and FREE!

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No Bullshit Social Media, review

No Bullshit Social Media

No Bullshit Social Media, reviewAnyone with a grasp of the big picture begins to realize that PR, marketing, sales, and even customer service are not four distinct silos that compete for dollars and face time with senior executives. They are four sides of the same square. What one does affects the other side and each one of these facets is a part of social media. In the book No Bullshit Social Media; The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing, Jason Falls and Erik Deckers remind us that social media is where our customers are. No Bullshit Social Media offers direct insights about precisely what social media should do for a brand:

-Enhance brand awareness
-Protect brand reputation
-Enhance public relations
-Build community
-Enhance customer service
-Facilitate research and development
-Drive leads and sales
Not just that, but these two take a deep dive into how to properly use social media and who should be at the helm. This last point is particularly interesting.

Social Media is for Senior Staff, Not Interns…

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Things You Hear When You Are Sober

things you hear when you are sober like life must be boring

One amusing thing about sobriety are the things you hear when you are sober.

When you let someone know you are sober, you get a distinct look (for better or for worse) and believe it or not, a level of respect you probably haven’t experienced before. Some will respect you more so while some will think you are “boring”.  They look at you puzzled and intrigued. Then following that intrigued look come some interesting comments.

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Volunteers on Wheels, Transporting Shelter Pets

volunteer drives his wheels to transport a shelter dog

Jim Mann transports a dog out of the shelter for a rescue organization. 


Every day volunteers across the country open their car doors to transport a shelter pet to safety. Rescues rely on volunteers to pick up and transport shelter animals to their destination. Continue reading

Boutique Breeder Puppies sold at The Shops of Willow Bend Mall

rescued teacup puppy

Pixie is a teacup chihuahua, rescued from a local animal shelter.


While rescued shelter pets seem to the top choice when adding a furry family member, not so for the Plano, Texas, shopping center. The Shops of Willow Bend has a boutique tenant offering both teacup breeder puppies and tiny clothes to dress them up in. Continue reading

Animal Rescue – Saving A Shelter Life at a Time

shelter dog rescued pregnant chihuahua

Lil Mam finds freedom. Rescued from the Mesquite Animal Shelter by HOME.

Springtime has arrived early this year. Unfortunately for the life of a shelter dog or cat, the spring equates to a full shelter and shortens a pet’s opportunity to be rescued or adopted. Animal shelters have limited kennel space with animals arriving 24/7, and shelter residents residing the longest become out of time. Continue reading

Biblical precepts, karma, health

God’s biblical precepts are both spiritual and physical. Our biblical health and wellness i.e. karma, (mind, body and spirits) are subject to these laws yet we see and unhealthy church ignoring these precepts. The laws of nature are part of this health and wellness karma. Biblical karma cannot be better explained than by reading the  AMPC (Amplified Bible Classic Addition) version of  Galations6:7. “Do not be deceived and deluded and misled; God will not allow Himself to be sneered at, scorned, disdained or mocked by mere pretensions or professions or by His precepts being set aside. We inevitably delude ourselves when we attempt to delude God. For whatever we sow, that and that only is what we will reap.” I call this biblical karma. Karma defined refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).
The laws of nature are part of these precepts and when we violate these laws our physical health pulls us down. One cannot expect to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, eat donuts for breakfast and expect good health and spiritual holiness. That would be a mockery of God’s law in my previously mentioned Galations scripture. Have you ever heard a woman cry out to God concerning her husbands lung cancer.? “Oh God, why did you allow my husband to get lung cancer!” You could almost hear God reply, “Why did he smoke two packs of cigarettes a day?”
We know foods are chemicals and chemicals affect our brains our thought life and spiritual walk. Let me ask you this. Why do the Sunday schools continue to feed our children candy as a reward for answering biblical questions correctly? Why are church community events like Fall Festivals, in leu of Halloween, distributing massive amounts of candy to attract children to hear the gospel? When asked these questions church leaders respond that no one will show up if they don’t offer these poisons. Well then, let’s just offer them a shot of whiskey! When you study the effects on the blood it has the same impact! How long will we continue to watch children and  adults die in the church because we refuse to link our bible with its precepts on health and wellness?

Business plus digital equals progression

Formula (b+d=p) Business plus digital equals progression

Formula to success 

 Knowing how to use the latest in digital advancements is a vital role to your company’s success. Have you noticed a multitude of new trending ways to market your brand, expand knowledge and endless opportunities? Have you thrown a curve ball lately? Business plus digital equals progression let’s go from phone-book to digital. Meetings in a boardroom are decreasing while digital meetings are increasing. Live in future for your business. What is your next step?

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Social responsibility top trend for business and professional branding

Social responsibility is a top trend in 2015. Digital and social media platforms have allowed business and professionals seeking enhanced brand identity to leverage social responsibility benefits and opportunities.

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