Choosing the Right Social Media Channels for Your Business

Social Media Coordinator Choosing the Right Social Media Channels for Business

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There are currently more than a dozen popular social media platforms for businesses to choose from. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to Snapchat, choosing the right social media channels for your business can yield a significant ROI. The challenge lies in uncovering which platforms support not only your business objectives but also your target audience’s interests. It behooves you to understand the personality of each platform. How do your products and services align with the personalities of these social media channels? Does your target audience gravitate toward visual content? To select the right social media channels, you’ll need to develop a strategy around your products and services, as well as your target audience.  Continue reading

Facebook Invests $10 Million In a Community Leaders Program

facebook-community-leadersIn a recent statement, Facebook announced that it launched the very first Facebook Community Leaders Program. Facebook committed $10 million toward residency and fellowship opportunities for up to five community leaders around the world. The objective is to empower leaders who are using Facebook to build their communities. Continue reading

How to increase your reach on social media

increase your reach on social media

Consumers prefer brands that favor transparency and honesty.

Do you want more followers? Of course you do. Social media marketing is inherently about popularity. The higher your reach, the more influence you have. And influence results in sales. But growing your audience can be easier said than done. Factors like brand integrity and engagement come into play. Read on to learn how to increase your reach on social media by capitalizing on these marketing strategies. Continue reading

How to Write Content for Social Media

Write Content for Social Media

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Social media helps brands connect with their target audience. However, many brands are faced with a content challenge. How can brands write content for social media in an effective manner? The answer lies in developing distinct audience personas and a social media brand voice. This will serve as the foundation for your efforts. Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to speak to any audience. It behooves brands to create meaningful, memorable digital content.

“This content should be so valuable that it compels the reader to share it with others across social media channels.” – Shanda Henley, SEO Copywriter / Digital Marketer / Indie Author Continue reading

social media trends in 2018

Opportunity within Social Media Trends for Private Country Clubs

Social Media Trends - EngagementIn a world that is ever-changing, why wouldn’t the way we communicate with our customers change through social media? In the Private Country Club industry, we as marketing and communication professionals are limited to how we can engage and communicate with our members. Public advertising is not allowed in the industry. What about showing off your club  on different platforms where so many members and prospective members live? With millennials beginning to look into memberships and members more active on social platforms, it is more important than ever to study and learn what social media trends to look out for. Continue reading

become a full-time influencer

10 Tips to Become a Full-Time Influencer

Most big-name internet stars were not overnight sensations. They have spent countless hours into creating content and marketing themselves offline. Some are only self-proclaimed celebrities with purchased followers and likes. These tips will help you support yourself on your journey while making sure to maintain the trust of your fans. Continue reading

How a Dating App Can Build Your Professional Network

What happens when you take a dating app and mix it with working women? You not only accumulate #SquadGoals but also a chance to elevate your career. This app can build your professional network, but nobody is talking about it. Continue reading

What Is – A Guide for the Baby Boomers

With over 100 million users, most people over the age of 18 have no idea that this app exists. It returns to the music video craze from YouTube’s beginning years, but now through a smartphone in condensed form like all other social media fashions. Continue reading

Do Popular Users On Snapchat Make Money?

Advertisements and #sponsored posts dominate the platforms of YouTube and Instagram where influencers can post commercial-perfect content for revenue. So, why do so many public figures spend so much time on Snapchat when their content will disappear? Are these popular users on Snapchat make money? Continue reading

What Is Snapchat? – A Millennial Perspective to Baby Boomers

Filtered selfies are the easy answer to the question what is Snapchat? Addressing every app with the umbrella term ‘social media’ doesn’t makes you understand the uniqueness of each platform. The way you interact varies per app as each one holds its own personality, culture, and reason to unlock. Continue reading

How to Navigate Snapchat

How to Navigate Snapchat – Help for the Baby Boomers

Disclaimer: Learning how to navigate Snapchat will be your biggest challenge of all social apps. If you can master this platform’s interface, you are prepared to climb Mount Everest. Or at least deserve an e-certificate for your LinkedIn, which shall be available in a downloadable PDF at the end of this lesson. Continue reading

Should I Download Snapchat feature image of teenagers on their phones

Should I Download Snapchat? – Answer for the Baby Boomers

Yes, it’s that app with the dog face! And yes, if you have a grandchild or young niece or nephew, they have the app. They may have asked you to join their selfie where your onscreen face instantly transformed into a bumble bee or a vomiting pineapple. So hip! So connected! Now, you kind of sort of want to jump on board and download Snapchat…am I right? Continue reading

awesome social media customer service makes 9 hands showing thumbs up symbol

How to Build an Awesome Social Media Customer Service Program: Part 1 Philosophy and Approach

Customers want awesome social media customer service. As customer service expectations rise, the need for a solid, well planned and executed program is table stakes if you want to compete. This is a great time to make great social customer care your competitive advantage. We are discussing how to build an awesome social media customer service program in three parts. This is Part 1 – Philosophy and Approach. Continue reading

Volunteers on Wheels, Transporting Shelter Pets

volunteer drives his wheels to transport a shelter dog

Jim Mann transports a dog out of the shelter for a rescue organization. 


Every day volunteers across the country open their car doors to transport a shelter pet to safety. Rescues rely on volunteers to pick up and transport shelter animals to their destination. Continue reading

two women arguing need to agree to disagree

Stop Arguing on Facebook, Agree to Disagree.

Why is it so hard to agree to disagree? Have you noticed that Facebook posts inviting clarification, correction or straight up arguing are demanding your attention? Early in the campaign season it became clear that I do not agree with some people I know and love. For a while we could avoid contentious topics, but that didn’t last. Opinions masquerading as facts keep getting in the way. Continue reading

Fundraise Using Personal Profiles

Check out Crowdster to create Personal Profiles for fundraising

Fundraising with Personal Profiles Using Crowdster

Join with the growing number of organizations that fundraise using personal profiles.   It is a great way to add capabilities to the development process and to spotlight teams and board members.

Individuals create a personal profile and post it on a web page with other profiles. Potential supporters click on the profile photo and go to a web page.  The message is a personal ask for a donation and to share support on social media.

Continue reading

Social Media-Saving Garland Shelter Animals Lives

Garland Mesquite Rowlett Animal Shelter Page



Recently city animal shelters have engaged social media to save their shelter’s animals lives. While small suburban and county shelters, with little foot traffic, rely on volunteers for their social media outreach.  At the Garland Animal Shelter, volunteers have stepped up to do just that.  Continue reading

Strengthen Social Media Fundraising

Do you know how your organization could strengthen fundraising with social media?  Why not check out practical possibilities that are effective and budget friendly.  Here’s some examples of how to use social media to strengthen your current fundraising practice beyond a credit card form on your web site. Continue reading

Social Media Customer Service Team

Let Go of Three Dangerous Social Customer Service Myths!

Myth #1 You don’t have to deliver social customer service.

Great social customer service is your new best marketing strategy. People trust ratings, reviews and the way they see you interacting with customers in social media far more than they trust your advertising and PR. According to Jay Baer in his book Hug Your Haters, you’re going to have unhappy customers no matter how good you are. He says, “if you’re lucky they’ll complain.” Since 95% of consumers never complain, engaging with the five percent is a gift. They will tell you where you need to improve. Show them you know what to do with a gift.

Myth #2 Social media is just another customer service channel.

Social media is completely different from any other channel. In voice, chat and email you have a one to one interaction between two people. If it goes poorly, it’s not great but it’s not a big deal. In social media the customer has a microphone and an audience. There are many reasons to pay attention, the most important is to keep your customers. Forrester tells us, “good customer service should capture the fundamentals of a great experience: ease, effectiveness, and emotion,” Forbes 2017 Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter and More Strategic . You can design an easy, friendly, low-effort social media customer service approach that empowers your customers to love you.

Myth #3 Staff your program with millennials for success.

Although millennials are the customer segment with the highest expectations for social customer service response, 78% expect a response within a day, your social team will be more effective if you employ more seasoned customer care professionals. Empathy, great work ethic and excellent communication skills are imperative in this role. Social customer service is all about the customer. Millennials can be part of the team and grow into meaningful roles over time.
If you believed one, two or all three of these social customer service myths when you started reading this, now is the right time to let them go. Be the company with the best customer service strategy and you’re going to end up increasing lifetime value and loyalty.

89% of Shoppers Stopped Buying From Online Stores After Bad Customer Service

6 Tips to Improve Social Customer Experience

Social customer experience needs to get better. The ease of comparing products, finding the best price, and making purchases online without having to go to a store or even a computer has elevated customer experience design to an art. The landscape has changed and customer expectations are rising.

Continue reading

Starting Social Media Fundraising

Do you want to do more for organizations that are solving problems that effect you and your community?  Are you interested in how people like you are discovering the power of social media fundraising?  If so, find out how you can help family, friends and colleagues support things you all care about.

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happy customers jumping for joy because you gave great social customer care

Make Great Social Customer Care Your Competitive Advantage

Great social customer care, delivering the customer experience people want in social media, can become your competitive advantage. It may even make your customers jump for joy.

Everybody Wants Great Social Customer Care

Think of yourself as a customer. When you buy something that doesn’t work or stops working, how does it feel? What do you do? Chances are you don’t want to call the 800 because that’s usually not a good experience. If you tweet them and they answer that would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it? Continue reading

Build a Social Media Community


Do you want to build a social media community that supports your passion?  A major nonprofit has found a way to provide its many volunteers with powerful new tools to raise funds.   The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) is the leader in the fight to treat and cure cystic fibrosis.  This genetic disorder effects 30,000 people in the US, half of them under the age of 18  Continue reading

Help! They Made Me Social Media Manager

social media managerNonprofits are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs so that they most money possible goes to providing services to their clients. Those that are behind the digital marketing curve will often toss the reigns of their social media to some young new hire to be done among their other many roles. For those newbies, the learning curve is high. Here are some quick tips if you wake up to find yourself a social media manager for your nonprofit.  Continue reading

Converting Fans into Donors

converting fansSocial media can serve many purposes for a non-profit. It can be educational, bring cause awareness, or raise money. Likely it will be a combination of all of the above. But as many business haves a bottom line of making money, nonprofits have a motivating need to raise funds in order to execute the services for which they exist. Some nonprofits have done a great job building a fan and follower base on social media, but the key is converting fans into donors. Who seems to be doing this well, and who could probably use a boost? Continue reading

Best Mobile Editing App

Social media involves a combination of scheduled, loosely-planned, and reactive posting. When you are out at an event and need to create content and post on the go, you want to easy to use tools that meet all of your needs. Sorting through photo editing and/or typography apps can be overwhelming as there are so many options. If you are looking for the best mobile editing app to create content that is easily personalized to your brand and each platform, look no further than Over. Continue reading

5 Best Free Stock Photography Sites

There are a lot of social media managers that are working at a company too small for a professional photographer or design team. That means they are going to rely heavily on stock photography. As price is always a concern for people in business or the non-profit world, here is a list of the 5 best free stock photography sites for you to use.

Continue reading

Engage. Inspire. Entertain. Tell the story of your wine.

This is a photo of tell the story of your winePeople have short attention spans, so how do you catch their eye and tell the story of your wine? Are you using video – if not, you must start. The visual impact of video communicates in ways that other methods can’t. Adding videos to your social media can increase click through rates by 96%.   Continue reading

Social Media Exclusion in Girl World.

So you are not invited to the party and now you are suffering from social media exclusion. Gone are the times when a teen was content to be home with a girlfriend doing an all night movie marathon instead of going to that party. Now the teens are glued to their Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat watching live streams of the party unfold in real-time.  Continue reading

Emoji’s Made Social Media More Social

Emoji’s Made Social Media More Social

During the early stages of text messaging and social media, character counts were maxed out at 140, and users had to find inventive ways to use their “voice”. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions became challenging to express, and with messaging rates still at a price/per, long conversations were too expensive for most users. Networks became bogged down and engineers and researchers were called up to create solutions. A Japanese research facility began testing a new form of expression. One that only took 1 character to convey, the Emoji. Emoji’s made social media more social immediately and the world of digital communication was forever changed.

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