Haters are the early warning detection system for your business.

Discerning brands strategically use social media as an extension of customer service, with skillfully prepared teams in place for unexpected online situations. Nobody likes loud, verbal haters. While it might be easier to not deal with online negativity, these situations need to be addressed in a timely manner.

While It is certainly easier to avoid them at all costs, the dark cloud haters cast might actually offer a silver lining. Continue reading

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is important when looking to improve your market outreach.

If you’re missing the mark with your audience, ask yourself if you truly understand them. Here are 4 factors to consider when understanding your audience.

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Facebook Invests $10 Million In a Community Leaders Program

facebook-community-leadersIn a recent statement, Facebook announced that it launched the very first Facebook Community Leaders Program. Facebook committed $10 million toward residency and fellowship opportunities for up to five community leaders around the world. The objective is to empower leaders who are using Facebook to build their communities. Continue reading

Volunteers on Wheels, Transporting Shelter Pets

volunteer drives his wheels to transport a shelter dog

Jim Mann transports a dog out of the shelter for a rescue organization. 


Every day volunteers across the country open their car doors to transport a shelter pet to safety. Rescues rely on volunteers to pick up and transport shelter animals to their destination. Continue reading

Social Media-Saving Garland Shelter Animals Lives

Garland Mesquite Rowlett Animal Shelter Page



Recently city animal shelters have engaged social media to save their shelter’s animals lives. While small suburban and county shelters, with little foot traffic, rely on volunteers for their social media outreach.  At the Garland Animal Shelter, volunteers have stepped up to do just that.  Continue reading

Boutique Breeder Puppies sold at The Shops of Willow Bend Mall

rescued teacup puppy

Pixie is a teacup chihuahua, rescued from a local animal shelter.


While rescued shelter pets seem to the top choice when adding a furry family member, not so for the Plano, Texas, shopping center. The Shops of Willow Bend has a boutique tenant offering both teacup breeder puppies and tiny clothes to dress them up in. Continue reading

Animal Shelter Rescue – Heartworm Disease Prevention & Education Saves Lives

Rescued dog with Heartworm disease currently undergoing treatment

Paulo was recently adopted and is currently being treated for heartworms.

Just one mosquito. Yes, just one little nasty critter can bite and infect your best furry friend with heartworms and cause heartworm disease. Easily preventable, heartworms can kill, cause heart and lung damage in a very short time without maintaining your pet on monthly heartworm prevention. Continue reading

Social Media Exclusion in Girl World.

So you are not invited to the party and now you are suffering from social media exclusion. Gone are the times when a teen was content to be home with a girlfriend doing an all night movie marathon instead of going to that party. Now the teens are glued to their Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat watching live streams of the party unfold in real-time.  Continue reading

Emoji’s Made Social Media More Social

Emoji’s Made Social Media More Social

During the early stages of text messaging and social media, character counts were maxed out at 140, and users had to find inventive ways to use their “voice”. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions became challenging to express, and with messaging rates still at a price/per, long conversations were too expensive for most users. Networks became bogged down and engineers and researchers were called up to create solutions. A Japanese research facility began testing a new form of expression. One that only took 1 character to convey, the Emoji. Emoji’s made social media more social immediately and the world of digital communication was forever changed.

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Biblical precepts, karma, health

God’s biblical precepts are both spiritual and physical. Our biblical health and wellness i.e. karma, (mind, body and spirits) are subject to these laws yet we see and unhealthy church ignoring these precepts. The laws of nature are part of this health and wellness karma. Biblical karma cannot be better explained than by reading the  AMPC (Amplified Bible Classic Addition) version of  Galations6:7. “Do not be deceived and deluded and misled; God will not allow Himself to be sneered at, scorned, disdained or mocked by mere pretensions or professions or by His precepts being set aside. We inevitably delude ourselves when we attempt to delude God. For whatever we sow, that and that only is what we will reap.” I call this biblical karma. Karma defined refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).
The laws of nature are part of these precepts and when we violate these laws our physical health pulls us down. One cannot expect to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, eat donuts for breakfast and expect good health and spiritual holiness. That would be a mockery of God’s law in my previously mentioned Galations scripture. Have you ever heard a woman cry out to God concerning her husbands lung cancer.? “Oh God, why did you allow my husband to get lung cancer!” You could almost hear God reply, “Why did he smoke two packs of cigarettes a day?”
We know foods are chemicals and chemicals affect our brains our thought life and spiritual walk. Let me ask you this. Why do the Sunday schools continue to feed our children candy as a reward for answering biblical questions correctly? Why are church community events like Fall Festivals, in leu of Halloween, distributing massive amounts of candy to attract children to hear the gospel? When asked these questions church leaders respond that no one will show up if they don’t offer these poisons. Well then, let’s just offer them a shot of whiskey! When you study the effects on the blood it has the same impact! How long will we continue to watch children and  adults die in the church because we refuse to link our bible with its precepts on health and wellness?

Facebook Etiquette

rtr4c0uzTo Facebook Friend Your Boss, Or Not To Facebook Friend Your Boss; that seems to be the question of the century. Facebook Etiquette Today: Private lives have always been just that; private; until the first appearance of Facebook on college campuses in 2004 and in the work place in 2007. Before then, personal and private lives were shared through word of mouth, phone calls, letters, and emails. Now, no matter much one tries to keep their private and work lives separate from each other, they seem to always mix when it comes to social media. Private lives were easier to control before Facebook because it was controlled mostly by the person speaking and not other people tagging on your behalf. Facebook allows people to place every moment in their every day lives online, while the human race has lost the art of communication in person. Continue reading

Free College Tuition – Good in Theory, Terrible in Action

Will Free College Tuition Destroy the US Economy?

In discussions centered on higher education in the United States, the total cost of attendance is one of the most nail-biting topics. Students feel the burden of their education long after graduation, many for decades. The mental image of a “sixty year old, soon-to-be retired, hard working American still paying off student loans” floods both media outlets and the political arena alike. This image pulls at the emotions of those paying off loans, and parents sending their children away to college. It encourages both groups to become angry and join forces in supporting any initiative that would reduce the burden. The latest “call to action” surrounding higher education is the notion of free college tuition. While a solid idea in theory, in reality, this plan would completely destroy one of our nation’s oldest and most beloved industries. Continue reading

Using Social Media to Enhance Live Events

Enhance live events using social mediaHave you hosted or attended an event that fell flat? Maybe nobody showed up, it was poorly organized or it was all about the lead sponsor. We’ve all at least been to events like these, right? Regardless, there’s hope for your next event. Let’s discuss how social media can enhance live events.

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2015 Social Media Updates

social-media-worldThere is no denying that social media has turned our world upside down. It has completely transformed the way we communicate. As marketers and communicators, it is vital to stay up-to-date in the ever changing landscape of social media. Here are some 2015 social media updates you won’t want to miss out on.


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Social Media at Downton Abbey Changes Lives

What if you were hired on staff to introduce social media to the fictional English Crawley family of Downton Abbey? The Crawleys are living a privileged life during the post Edwardian era, but would their lives be even more fascinating if there was social media at Downton Abbey?

As a new Downton Abbey employee, you may want to start by introducing the family to Twitter. Cora Crawley, the Countess of Grantham, could tweet daily messages to the staff including Mrs. Patmore, the cook, and Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper. Tweets such as include biscuits with tea or plan on a party of 20 for dinner would save time and manpower. The servants’ work load would be more efficient if they could tweet each other about silver that needs to be polished or rooms that need to be dusted. Continue reading

Facebook Tools to Target Ads

picture of a dartboard with darts in the center representing "on target"Facebook Advertising: Tools to Target Ads

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a big “thank you” last week to Facebook advertisers and announced they had reached two million active advertisers.  In spite of the nice “thanks,” that’s probably good and bad news for advertisers. Continue reading

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Two men wearing white gloves holding picture of ancient art, computer, yahoo messanger and astronaut

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Can you predict the future in communications? From ancient artifacts to digital in communications. Architectural findings a beautiful wealth of information still awaiting its revealing day. Teaching and mystifying us on a daily basis this knowledge was and is very hard to be obtained. This is possible through passion, drive,inspiration, travel, time, and money. Records are kept by preserving artifacts and advancements in writing have led us to hand written records.

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Social responsibility top trend for business and professional branding

Social responsibility is a top trend in 2015. Digital and social media platforms have allowed business and professionals seeking enhanced brand identity to leverage social responsibility benefits and opportunities.

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