Class #7, 6/25/18

Our last class, Happy Trails.

Monday we hear reports from the groups on the Content Marketing exercise, talk about Quick Digital Planning and you write a live blog in class.

7.0-CAPE Quick Planning

7.1-CAPE-Live Blogging


Class #5, 6/11/18

Here are the lecture decks for Class #5.




Social Media Monitoring Assignment and Example

Here are the instructions for you Weekly Social Media Monitoring Reports. Please follow the instructions completely.

Your report is due Sunday night by 11:59p.

It should be no more than 1 1/2 US Letter size pages.

Save as a PDF and email to

In your report, include:

1.  (top of the page in ital) What you would whisper to your CEO/CMO about what we learned this week. Keep it very short and high level.

2. Bullet points of what happened, stats, numbers, sentiment, observations, etc.

3. The issues and items we will be watching closely.

Here is an example to follow. Ignore the competition noted at the bottom of the page for now.

Chipotle Sentiment Monitoring Report

Have fun.


SUM18 Advanced Syllabus and Schedule

Here are the syllabus and class schedule for your CAPE Advanced Social Media and Digital Engagement class.

Let me know if you have any trouble.




Class #7, 3/12/18

Here are the presentation decks for our last class in the CAPE series. I have truly enjoyed being with you these few months and wish each of you the very best.

7.0 CAPE Quick Planning

7.1-CAPE-Live Blogging



Class #6, 3/5/18

Here is the presentation deck for class #6.

6.0-CAPE-Content Marketing 2


Class #5 Advanced, 2/26/18

Here are the presentation decks for the 2/26 class.




Class #7 7/10/17, Last Class

Here are the lecture decks for out last class together.

7.0 CAPE Quick Planning

7.1-Digital-Live Blogging


Class #6, Wk #7, 6/26/17

This week is all about content marketing. Here is the lecture deck.

6.0-CAPE-Content Marketing 2


Class #5, Wk #6, 6/19/17

This week we dive into the assessment of the social media sophistication of any organization, large or small. And we will discuss what management wants from us.

As always, we will talk blogs and keywords as well.




Social Media Report Example

Please use this report as a guide when you produce your own weekly analytics report.

SocMe RPT Abigail Foster


Class #1 5/15/17

Lecture decks for Class #1 5/15/17.




Syllabus & Schedule, Advanced Digital Engagement, Summer ’17

Here we go again. Looking forward to it.

Here are the syllabus and class schedule for the Advanced Digital Engagement Summer ’17 CAPE class.





College Faculty Use Social Media

College Faculty Use Social Media More Than Workplace Employees

Faculty in the collegiate space, typically thought of by the corporate world as slow moving and behind the times, use social media platforms more than workplace employees. An April 2011 survey shows that college faculty use social media in myriad ways both professionally and personally, outpacing their corporate counterparts 2-1. While faculty reported that they were aware of most of the social platforms, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs were noted as those that were most frequently visited and used, some out of necessity and not out of desire. Interestingly, faculty who have been in the professoriate for more than 20 years showed the same level of awareness of social media as those who have been in the field for fewer than 5.

Continue reading

Protected: Digital Plan Examples

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Schedule – Spring 2016


Syllabus – Spring 2016


Assignment: Weekly Blog Posts

Here is the detailed assignment sheet for your weekly blog posts. Note, your first post is due this next Wednesday.

Blog posts must be published on under your personal login (more about that in class) no later than 11:59p each Wednesday.

We will discuss all of this in class on Friday.




Assignment: You will write and publish a blog every Wednesday during the term of this class.

Purpose: Creating content for and writing blogs on various topics using a rigid deadline and SEO requirement.

Due: Complete blogs are due by 11:59pm each Wednesday.

Grading: If your blog is late or does not achieve a “green dot” for SEO it does not count. Each blog must be published before 11:59p.

You decide the content of each post based on the following directions:

Audience: PR and communications professionals, young and old

Topics: Imagine our class is a professional Marketing and PR firm and you are tasked with enriching their understanding of digital communications, especially social media. Teach them about social strategy, tips and techniques, the uses and misuses of each social network, great tools to use to listen and monitor digital communications, special applications in a given industry or business type, interesting and influential speakers or authors — in short, anything having to do with digital communication that is meaningful to the audience.

Your topic can stretch to include industry specific uses or general business uses and best practices of digital communication.

Always research your topic before you begin to write, both to see if it has been covered before by others and to gain new knowledge for use in the post.

Copying passages from other blogs or pages will receive an SEO penalty, is unacceptable and will not be accepted.

If you question your topic, contact me before you begin to research and write.

You are not bound by AP Style, but your writing must be GSP perfect and should always be business-acceptable. Avoid street slang or industry jargon.

SEO – The WordPress SEO plugin will be fully explained in class. It gives each post a color-dot rating from gray to green, depending on how well you executed SEO requirements. Its operation is self-explanatory. Only a green-
dot blog will be accepted on your blog posts.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Additional Information:

Quote sources as appropriate, especially other blog articles or websites. Cite book mentions, blog or online news article mentions specifically. Use links where possible to lead your readers to other materials if you want to give them the option to read further on the subject.

Always include two outbound links and a graphic (with alt. tags) in your blog articles.

Be watching for subject material every day. Don’t wait until the last minute and panic.

Syllabus & Schedule for SUM15

Here is the syllabus and the class schedule for the Summer 2015 Digital Engagement class.



Facebook Tools to Target Ads

picture of a dartboard with darts in the center representing "on target"Facebook Advertising: Tools to Target Ads

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a big “thank you” last week to Facebook advertisers and announced they had reached two million active advertisers.  In spite of the nice “thanks,” that’s probably good and bad news for advertisers. Continue reading

How Social Media has changed my life: a introspective

SoMe Labels

 Resistance is futile, Social Media has Changed My Life

First, I freely admit that I’m late to the social media game. Like many that find themselves in the 50 plus demographic, I was clearly resistant to change.  I even resisted “texting”, until the President of our corporate division texted me to schedule an urgent conference call.  Needless to say, I immediately joined the texting rank and file.  Then along came Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, etc!  Years ago, I rolled my eyes at the IPO valuations, saying “I would never buy that company stock for one dollar”.  Now I find myself with not only with a toe, but in “tech water” that has now reached my knee.  Again clearly late, but social media has changed my life.

Sunrise, and I’m awakened by the chime of a Facebook notification from my new iPhone.  I have a fully functional original 3G iPhone, with a clear unbroken screen.  When my iPhone 6 salesman saw it, he says “OMG”, where did you get that? Does it still work?  Then proceeded to call his co-workers over to see it.  I felt like a walking, talking, relic of the Smithsonian Museum.  Actually, my only reason for upgrading, was to gain access to mobile social media.  Once again, social media has changed my life.

As I sip morning coffee, Facebook is opened and scanned before AOL, email, and letting the dogs out.  OMG, social media has changed my life.  My the time I reach my desk, I’m half way through my third cup.  Having scanned and read all incoming emails.  One message is from a new young TV producer.  He has a new show, and is looking for help getting it “on the air”.  The later phrase now being a ten-plus headed Hydra.  Once powered up, I “google” his name, and a couple small projects come up.  Quick scan, reading and almost done.  “Chime”, Facebook notification on the iPhone and iPad ringing in concert.  Quick check on “Instant Messenger”, and I’m back checking out the new guy.  Quick click to “LinkedIn”, and search for his profile.  Ok, here he is, only 6 connections in common, so he hasn’t been around very long, decent picture, appears intelligent.  I place him on my calendar to email later in the day.

As I read my daily media publications online, I notice a friend’s project that was just picked up by a network.  Back to LinkedIn, pull up the connection, write a quick “congrats” to him and hit send.  Then I remember a similar project, that the networks passed on.  What was that guy’s name?  Back to “google”, quick search, to LinkedIn, 2nd degree connection, quick note, hit send.

As the time reaches 10:30a CST, “chimes” equal 6 Facebook, and 2 LinkedIn notifications, again in concert from my iPhone and iPad, which sit on opposite sides of my iMac.  Ok, it’s 8:30a on the west coast, and everyone is either in or in route to the office.  OMG, social media has changed my life!


The Wendy Williams Show and her Social Media team.

The Social Media team for the Wendy Williams Show, is one of the best in the business.

During the Nielsen November 2014 sweep, Wendy Williams faced an avalanche of criticism on Social Media.  The negative, and insulting tweets, posts, and comments were the result of a less than perfect biopic called “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”.  Which premiered on the Lifetime cable channel during this critical ratings period.  Wendy Williams, host of her own syndicated talk show was Executive Producer of the title.  All month, as the air date for the Aaliyah project neared.  Ms Williams shamelessly promoted “Aaliyah” on her daily syndicated talk show, The Wendy Williams website, and via Social Media.  Promising to “get it right”, and produce a film that everyone could be proud of.  A tribute to Aaliyah, the much loved and revered singer/actress, who died tragically in a plane crash during the summer of 2001.   She left this world at age 22, on the verge of true super stardom.  Fortunately for Ms Williams, her Social Media team was “listening”, and may have saved The Wendy Williams Show.

From the start, there were problems developing the title.  First, Aaliyah’s parents refused to allow the usage of original music in the film.  Then, one major actress, followed by others dropped out of the project.  Still with limited resources, the project moved forward.  A process covered step by step on Social Media.  Many voiced their concern, and felt the project should not continue.  However, throughout the process, Ms. Williams used her various platforms to promote the title.

The result can only be called a disaster, as the critics were swift, and lethal.  Social Media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram lit up the internet.  Critics not only trashed the movie, but went after Wendy Williams personally.  The onslaught of toxic tweets, posts, and comments demanded a personal on-air apology from Ms Williams.  This situation was made worst, when Ms Williams while addressing the movie on-air, said “her phone was broken”.  And that she was unaware of the backlash on Social Media until that morning.  The less than sincere excuses only enraged the critics, and they started discussing a boycott of the show.  The internet erupted in pointed, hostile criticism of Wendy Williams over the next several days.  Finally, with everyone watching and waiting, Wendy addressed the biopic on the show.  In total triumph and a big smile, Wendy Williams said that the movie was a huge success!  And was the #2 rated title to air on Lifetime in all of 2014.  Again, the Social Media team was listening, and may have saved The Wendy Williams Show.

Over the next few days, positive tweets, posts, and comments started to hit the platforms.  In some cases, addressing an insult, and suggesting “its time to move on”. Within the next few weeks, the boycott had lost steam, and the critics decided to let sleeping dogs lie silent.  Again, her excellent Social Media team may have saved the Wendy Williams Show.

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