Amazon’s stock value is higher than Wal-Marts

Amazon stock value is higher than Wal-Mart

Everyone knows that Wal-Mart has great prices that are hard for other companies to beat, but their might be a new competitor in town! As of after hour trading on Thursday, Amazon’s stock value is higher than Wal-Marts! How did that happen?

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Is the new version of Google Glass Water-Resistant?

google glass water-resistantBy now everyone has heard off, used them, or even bought the Google Glass Explorer edition, but now Google is coming out with Google Glass Enterprise edition. So, what new features are the new Google Glasses going to have? Is the new version of Google Glass water-resistant? Continue reading

Amazon Prime Day breakdown

Amazon Prime DayAmazon Prime Day was held on July 15, 2015 and had been a highly talked about event for the past few weeks! One thing people wondered about was the types of new deals that would appear on the website. Many people were also concerned with the fact that Amazon Prime Day would not be a big hit since people had to purchase a Prime account in order to even take part in the deals. That said the news has broken on weather Amazon Prime Day was a success or not! Continue reading

2015 Social Media Updates

social-media-worldThere is no denying that social media has turned our world upside down. It has completely transformed the way we communicate. As marketers and communicators, it is vital to stay up-to-date in the ever changing landscape of social media. Here are some 2015 social media updates you won’t want to miss out on.


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Breaking Down the Cuban Broussard Twitter War

In last week’s blog post, it was reported that the Dallas Mavericks and center DeAndre Jordan had come to terms on a four-year contract.  Between that verbal agreement on July 3rd and the first day players are actually allowed to sign these new deals, July 9th, Jordan had a change of heart and decided to return to the Los Angeles Clippers.  Social media, of course, went bananas.  Players took to Twitter and Instagram about last-minute negotiations, an emoji bonanza kept things entertaining, and ESPN’s Chris Broussard sent out a tweet about Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, that started the Cuban Broussard Twitter War. Continue reading

NBC Dropped Donald Trump over Derogatory Comments!


It is a step back for a society when a person, especially a person with influence uses derogatory words and phrases. We are in the year 2015 and thus far we have created great advances in medicine, technology, space, and much more, but the one thing that still hurts us as a community is the fact that people are still discriminating and generalizing horrible stereotypes onto groups of people. Today, NBC dropped Donald Trump because of the derogatory comments he made about immigrants.

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Social Media in focus at the Mobile World Congress 2015

It is all about that “connection” !Connecting-People1

This event has happened since 1987 in the city of Barcelona, Spain. All these years the main focus of this event have been GSM mobile telecom operators in the world. But this year, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was invited to be one of the key guest speaker and present new ideas of Social Media . The first question he got was : “Why is a Social Media company like Facebook leading the change of the world bringing internet to everyone ?”

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Facebook Tools to Target Ads

picture of a dartboard with darts in the center representing "on target"Facebook Advertising: Tools to Target Ads

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a big “thank you” last week to Facebook advertisers and announced they had reached two million active advertisers.  In spite of the nice “thanks,” that’s probably good and bad news for advertisers. Continue reading

Twitter Story Pitches May Yield School Media Coverage


Twitter story pitches increases media coverage.As a school district public relations professional, you are working diligently to pitch story ideas to area, state, and national news media to obtain coverage for your district. With so many educational entities vying for news media attention, some public relations experts recommend that you add Twitter story pitches to your social media strategies for communicating to journalists.

In many cases, print, television, and digital journalists still prefer story pitches in an email. Some reporters like to use Facebook. Building a professional relationship with the news media is also still a critical part of the job. Continue reading

Study Reveals How Journalists Use Social Media as News Sources

Social Media Study on Journalists and News Sources

Graphic courtesy Huffington Post.

How do journalists use social media, and is it important for reporting the news? A 2014 Indiana University School of Journalism study, reported in The Washington Post, revealed that yes, journalists use social media as news sources. But some other surprising findings emerged from the study of 1,080 U.S. journalists.(

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The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Two men wearing white gloves holding picture of ancient art, computer, yahoo messanger and astronaut

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Can you predict the future in communications? From ancient artifacts to digital in communications. Architectural findings a beautiful wealth of information still awaiting its revealing day. Teaching and mystifying us on a daily basis this knowledge was and is very hard to be obtained. This is possible through passion, drive,inspiration, travel, time, and money. Records are kept by preserving artifacts and advancements in writing have led us to hand written records.

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