Are you pitching bloggers and influencers the right way?

Content creators work under pressure to keep their followers entertained. For a lot of them, this is a side job, between their other job responsibilities. Even stay at home mommy bloggers have a busy life, but they set aside some time for blogging.

Public relations professionals should consider this when emailing them to ask them to do stuff, most of the time offering “great exposure” in exchange.

person speaking thru diy phone

A lot of PR people fail when trying to reach bloggers and influencers, because of their lack of time or experience to do it.

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Get More Comments on your Social Media!

Want to get more comments on your social media? Lucky for you, engagement is a strong force in the world of social media and there are plenty of ways to get more comments on your social platforms. For the sake of time, we will assume that you’re already putting engaging content out there. Now we just need to figure out how to get more comments. This blog will go over four clever ways to get more comments on your social posts. Continue reading

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is important when looking to improve your market outreach.

If you’re missing the mark with your audience, ask yourself if you truly understand them. Here are 4 factors to consider when understanding your audience.

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The Difference Between Gutenberg and Guttenberg?

What's the difference between Gutenberg and Guttenberg? Photo of Steve Guttenberg in police academy uniform WordPress is adding a new editing experience, and there has never been a better time to discuss the difference between Gutenberg and Guttenberg. Gutenberg is a new way to edit WordPress blogs. The other Guttenberg is Steve, the critically acclaimed actor best known for Police Academy, 3 Men and a Baby and Cocoon.  Continue reading

Tips to Edit Video for Social Media

Image of multiple screens with film strip in back ground for tips to edit video for social media Now that you’ve shot your video, it is help to have some tops on how to edit video for social media. This is where you can really shape your message, and tell your story. Editing is like putting a puzzle together with all of your pieces, and the best way to get Continue reading

Shooting Video on a Low Budget

Many people are intimidated when it comes to creating quality video on a low budget. With a few simple tips, you can begin creating videos that are engaging and will keep people around your pages longer. Like many mediums, a video tells a story. Before you shoot Continue reading

Digital Age and Millennials: Connectivity Is Only the Beginning

Connectivity is only the beginning for Millennials and the Digital Age

Millennials witness the start of the Digital Age and connectivity is only the beginning.  What have they accomplished so far with Social Media, and what will they come up with next?

Ipad social media connectivity

Photo by NordWood Themes @nordwood

Each generation has unique and defining characteristics. Although every generation is online, Millennials are natives to social media and definitely know their way around. They witnessed the Digital Age, going from internet access only on the computer, to 100% connectivity to the outside world, 24/7, in the palm of their hands. During adolescent age, Millennials became quickly immersed in technology which has its advantages, but like anything, has its drawbacks. Continue reading

Elements of a Good Press Conference: Beyond the Basics

Star elements of a good press conferenceWhat are the elements of a good press conference? Beyond basic planning and logistics, a good press conference captures a certain essence appropriate to the announcement. It reinforces your brand and connects to your audience. While the nature of a press conference can vary widely, here’s a few insights to consider. Continue reading

When to live blog

Live blogging has become a key tactic for news outlets and individuals covering big events. Understanding how to use the form for your company or clients can help you make the most of major events and news. The key is knowing when to live blog. Continue reading

Best Mobile Editing App

Social media involves a combination of scheduled, loosely-planned, and reactive posting. When you are out at an event and need to create content and post on the go, you want to easy to use tools that meet all of your needs. Sorting through photo editing and/or typography apps can be overwhelming as there are so many options. If you are looking for the best mobile editing app to create content that is easily personalized to your brand and each platform, look no further than Over. Continue reading

5 Best Free Stock Photography Sites

There are a lot of social media managers that are working at a company too small for a professional photographer or design team. That means they are going to rely heavily on stock photography. As price is always a concern for people in business or the non-profit world, here is a list of the 5 best free stock photography sites for you to use.

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Engage. Inspire. Entertain. Tell the story of your wine.

This is a photo of tell the story of your winePeople have short attention spans, so how do you catch their eye and tell the story of your wine? Are you using video – if not, you must start. The visual impact of video communicates in ways that other methods can’t. Adding videos to your social media can increase click through rates by 96%.   Continue reading

Are Bloggers Talking About Your Wines?

5 tips to get bloggers talking about your winesThis is a photo of are bloggers talking about your wines?

If they are not already, you absolutely want to find a way to get bloggers talking about your wines. Data collected by BlogHer shows that 87% of people have made a purchase after reading a blog review of it. There are more than 1,300 wine bloggers currently writing worldwide. It’s the new media. Continue reading

Women Love Wine and Social Media

You know women love wine and social media. The question is can you encourage women to try, and buy, your wines by engaging them in conversation online.

This is a photo of Women Love Wine and Social Media.According to a 2014 Gallop poll, women are wine drinkers, more than 46% of women who drink alcohol choose wine as their drink of choice. Women buy 57% of all wine sold and they are buying it for consumption, not collecting it. With this kind of buying power, the potential is huge for any wine brand that can win them over. But how to reach female buyers? Pew research shows that 80% of women online regularly use social media and 77% of them are on Facebook. Women love wine and social media, to reach more female wine buyers, connect with them online.

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Facebook Etiquette

rtr4c0uzTo Facebook Friend Your Boss, Or Not To Facebook Friend Your Boss; that seems to be the question of the century. Facebook Etiquette Today: Private lives have always been just that; private; until the first appearance of Facebook on college campuses in 2004 and in the work place in 2007. Before then, personal and private lives were shared through word of mouth, phone calls, letters, and emails. Now, no matter much one tries to keep their private and work lives separate from each other, they seem to always mix when it comes to social media. Private lives were easier to control before Facebook because it was controlled mostly by the person speaking and not other people tagging on your behalf. Facebook allows people to place every moment in their every day lives online, while the human race has lost the art of communication in person. Continue reading

Wine and Social Media: A Perfect Blend for success?

This is a photo of vineyards for wine and social media.So you’ve tweeted a picture-perfect shot of your vines glistening in the California sun, fabulous. But are wine and social media the perfect blend to increased sales at your winery?

Consider that the last of the millennials have just turned 21 and are drinking more wine than any other generation. Of the 77 million young people classified as millennials, well over half are choosing wine as their beverage of choice. Wine and social media are the perfect blend to higher winery sales. Continue reading

Free Social Media Tools

A list of the top 5 FREE social media tools every social media manager needs to know about:


Hootsuite – a complete social media management system. From posting content to multiple channels, to measuring analytics to monitoring what people are saying about your brand. This platform is go-to social media platform and is one of the top rated free social media tools. Continue reading

NBA Pay Per View: A New Way to Consume Sports

$6.99.  That’s the newest number in American pro sports.  It is the cost of a single out of market basketball game, as NBA Pay Per View is born. Continue reading

2015 Social Media Updates

social-media-worldThere is no denying that social media has turned our world upside down. It has completely transformed the way we communicate. As marketers and communicators, it is vital to stay up-to-date in the ever changing landscape of social media. Here are some 2015 social media updates you won’t want to miss out on.


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Breaking Down the Cuban Broussard Twitter War

In last week’s blog post, it was reported that the Dallas Mavericks and center DeAndre Jordan had come to terms on a four-year contract.  Between that verbal agreement on July 3rd and the first day players are actually allowed to sign these new deals, July 9th, Jordan had a change of heart and decided to return to the Los Angeles Clippers.  Social media, of course, went bananas.  Players took to Twitter and Instagram about last-minute negotiations, an emoji bonanza kept things entertaining, and ESPN’s Chris Broussard sent out a tweet about Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, that started the Cuban Broussard Twitter War. Continue reading

How to Use Twitter for Business more Efficiently

 Twitter for BusinessIf you’re not using Twitter for business than you’re probably missing out on reaching a whole group of potential customers! Many businesses have incorporated Twitter into their social media marketing and most have found success. That said it is important to know how to use your Twitter account to its full potential, especially when it is a company account. Below are a few steps to help you use Twitter for business for efficiently. Continue reading

Twitter and NBA Free Agency

In age of Twitter NBA Free Agency much more accessible for fans

The news just broke that former Clippers center and unrestricted free agent, DeAndre Jordan, has reportedly come to terms with the Dallas Mavericks, and if you been following NBA Free Agency on Twitter, this should come as no surprise to you. Continue reading

In Women’s World Cup Social Media is Huge

FIFA Women’s World Cup Social Channels Have Booming Numbers

Women's World Cup Social LogoIt’s Friday afternoon at the time of this post and the US Women’s Soccer Team is hours away from its quarterfinal match versus China.  And social media is paying attention. Continue reading

The POTUS Podcast

Maron Lands Obama for Historic WTF Podcast

The digital media landscape took a major step forward on Thursday as it was announced that President Barack Obama would enter comedian Marc Maron’s garage for a taping of Maron’s popular WTF With Marc Maron podcast. Continue reading

The future of Social Media, and how it relates to Content Distribution.

Dr. Phil using fans' content.

Social Media will become a viable choice for Content Distribution.

Social Media is defined as; forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content.  Content Distribution, as it relates to television can be generally defined as; the systematic placement of entertainment programming throughout a specific territory.  The content distribution team, may currently choose several different strategies and platforms; broadcast network television (ABC, NBC, CBS…), syndicated broadcast television (various television stations throughout the country), cable television (Time Warmer, Comcast..) satellite television (Direct TV, DisH…), internet based streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu,…), internet based social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube…).

Despite the current Social Media definition, there has always been small, personal communities to share ideas and messages.  The later was called “water cooler conversations”, “hanging out”, and “talking on the  telephone”.  However, technology has now connected the populations of the world in ways that most could not imagine 15-20 years ago.  In regard to television, the closest program to “go viral”, was ABC’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.  The gameshow airing in primetime on consecutive nights, broke virtually every ratings record.  Elevating host Regis Philbin, to the status of “The Man who saved the Network”.  A statement that is arguably true.

Now the internet, and new tech hardware has taken social media to it’s current form, and placed all content within it’s streaming grasp.  SnapChat, the disappearing message app, has launched a new entertainment feed called “Discover”.  Facebook’s newsfeed is more substantial everyday, and I wouldn’t rule out scheduled programming going forward.  Twitter has increased the availability of embedded video, and may stream content live regularly at some point.  And Youtube, has become a viable alternative to television as we currently know it.  And with the addition of NFL programming, it’s footprint will only grow at an exponential rate.

What we have in effect, is a convergence of platforms which compete for public attention.  The question is, can you get enough Dr Phil, Live with Kelly and Michael, or Entertainment Tonight by liking their Facebook page, or subscribing to their Youtube channel?  The television studios are hoping the answer is no, or at least, not anytime soon.  However, unlike the terminal, historic decision to go VHS or Beta.  Hollywood is making sure their programming is available on all platforms.  As the public decides who the ultimate distribution survivors will be.  The studios will be ready to expand or shutdown, whatever the situation or business decision warrants.

So the future of Social Media is an ever increasing intimate relationship with Content Distribution.  The day may come (sooner than later), when you watch your daily episode of Ellen, on her Facebook page.  The same is true for any other programming that you currently find on broadcast or cable television.  The technology is here, the studios and social media platforms are just waiting for the FCC, and the Supreme Court to catch up.


Facebook Tools to Target Ads

picture of a dartboard with darts in the center representing "on target"Facebook Advertising: Tools to Target Ads

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a big “thank you” last week to Facebook advertisers and announced they had reached two million active advertisers.  In spite of the nice “thanks,” that’s probably good and bad news for advertisers. Continue reading

Business development using social media

Business development using social media

What is Business development using social media? Development/growth for your business using Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Walk though the introduction of social media platforms and how to use them to develop your business. Today’s market is full of ways to connect with your audience using social media platforms. We will start at your website and work our way out! Continue reading

Social Media Marketing and the Oscar’s 2015



Social Media Marketing is like any other competition.

Quoting Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military general and strategist.  Every war is won before it is ever fought.  When related to the Oscar’s, and it’s Social Media Marketing plan.  One can easily determine that 2015 performance, would fall short of expectations.  The Oscar’s award ceremony 2014, was hosted by comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres.  Ellen’s performance and personal photography introduced most of the country and world to the “celebrity selfie”.  One of which, became the most shared and retweeted pic in the history of social media.  Was it just luck, a better than average night, or was it predictable from the beginning?  Taking a closer look, Ellen has 39.8 Twitter followers, and the very best Social Media team in Daytime television.  Accordingly, Ellen is the #1 syndicated talk show, commanding a legion regular viewers A18-49, and A25-54.  So there should not have been any doubt that she would deliver the most memorable Oscar performance in recent history.

Fast forward to 2015, and the Oscar’s ceremony hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.  A notable actor, comedian, with a Twitter following of 13.9 million followers.  Neil is unfortunately without a dedicated Social Media team to keep his followers and fans informed.  Also note the difference between a primarily film and stage actor, vs a daily television talk show host.  The later becomes part of your daily life, which for many is almost like their BFF.

So why is anyone surprised that the telecast performed poorly in ratings and tweets when compared to the Oscar’s 2014?  Was it the “Snowden joke”, Neil’s nearly nude “Birdman” parody, or the numerous “mispronunciations” posed as humorous?  That made viewers run to cable programming, Netflix, or to “call their parents”.  When applying Sun Tzu’s principals, the war was lost before the telecast started.  With the assumption that most everything else was equal, there can be no other logical conclusion.  However, there was one Social Media anomaly.  Facebook enjoyed an notable increase in Oscar related posts, when compared to 2014.  As a relatively new member of Facebook, I believe the increase is easy to explain.  Facebook usage has continued to grow at a far greater rate than Twitter, and is now part of mainstream America’s daily life.  Parents consider preventing their children from accessing Facebook, too harsh a punishment. Finding that suspending their driving privileges or withholding their allowance is more humane and acceptable.  In addition, ABC has a huge presence on Facebook.  The alphabet network recently inked a deal with Facebook, to stream exclusive red carpet, and behind the scenes footage via Facebook.   From which it was all to easy to “like” and “share” everything.

Almost immediately after the awards show, a underground movement started to support “Kevin Hart” as next year’s host of The Oscar’s.  With 16.9 million Twitter followers, about 20% more the Neil Patrick Harris.  The Social Media Marketing team and selection committee is off to a good start.


Twitter Story Pitches May Yield School Media Coverage


Twitter story pitches increases media coverage.As a school district public relations professional, you are working diligently to pitch story ideas to area, state, and national news media to obtain coverage for your district. With so many educational entities vying for news media attention, some public relations experts recommend that you add Twitter story pitches to your social media strategies for communicating to journalists.

In many cases, print, television, and digital journalists still prefer story pitches in an email. Some reporters like to use Facebook. Building a professional relationship with the news media is also still a critical part of the job. Continue reading

Business plus digital equals progression

Formula (b+d=p) Business plus digital equals progression

Formula to success 

 Knowing how to use the latest in digital advancements is a vital role to your company’s success. Have you noticed a multitude of new trending ways to market your brand, expand knowledge and endless opportunities? Have you thrown a curve ball lately? Business plus digital equals progression let’s go from phone-book to digital. Meetings in a boardroom are decreasing while digital meetings are increasing. Live in future for your business. What is your next step?

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