Carb Meal, Giant Pot of Spaghetti

To Carb or Not To Carb? A Diabetic Question…

A Diabetic counting carbs? So you are watching your carb intake, but you have that big race this weekend. Should you still carbo load? Continue reading

words "life is better when you're laughing"

Laughing in the Face of Diabetes

You may feel that Diabetes is no laughing matter. But is laughter really the best medicine? Continue reading

Moxie Moves: The Active Diabetic

It’s obvious that your diet is essential to your overall health and the fight against diabetes. But equally as important is exercise. As a diabetic, any activity that has you up and moving is fundamental to allowing your body’s cells to absorb and use the glucose from the blood to fuel your body. Continue reading

Things You Hear When You Are Sober

things you hear when you are sober like life must be boring

One amusing thing about sobriety are the things you hear when you are sober.

When you let someone know you are sober, you get a distinct look (for better or for worse) and believe it or not, a level of respect you probably haven’t experienced before. Some will respect you more so while some will think you are “boring”.  They look at you puzzled and intrigued. Then following that intrigued look come some interesting comments.

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Woman runs in the sun

Texas Summer Runners Must Mind the Heat, but Don’t Forget About the Sun

Texas summer runners know all about the heat. But where is all that heat is coming from? The scorching Texas sun. In addition to taking precautions against heat exhaustion, runners should take care to protect their skin against the sun’s rays.

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magnolias sous le pont coffee shop counter

Try One of These 10 Local Coffee Shops in Dallas

10 Local Coffee Shops in Dallas to Try

After a Saturday morning workout, one of my favorite things to do is stop by a local coffee shop and savor a cold brew or almond milk latte. Visiting my favorite local coffee shop in Dallas is a relaxing indulgence and a quiet place to get work done. Continue reading

vegetable crudite bowl healthy dining options in Dallas

Deliciously Healthy Restaurants in Dallas

The Dallas dining scene is full of indulgent destinations. I reserve the weekend for my cheat meals, and notice I said meals with an “s”, but occasionally I still crave a crisp salad. A couple of years ago the options for healthy food were very limited. As the Dallas area’s fitness landscape blossomed, so did the availability of healthy choices. While poke bowls are a tasty & healthy treat, it is great to have other healthy options available around Dallas. Here is a taste of a couple deliciously healthy restaurants in Dallas. Continue reading

Pre-Diabetes Wake-Up Call Megaphone on Red Background

Pre-Diabetes: The Wake-up Call

If you have received a Pre-Diabetes diagnosis, then you are one in over 86 million Americans at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes within six months to five years. But it’s not too late to answer the call to action!

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