Local Live TV Lives On and Incorporates Digital Media To Keep Viewers Engaged

Despite the ability for a viewer to watch 'their show' anytime they want, local live tv lives on.

Who Needs A TV Guide?

 Contrary to what everyone thinks,  Local live TV Lives On.  In the modern digital media age live TV is still a force to be reckoned with, even with the option to record programs and watch them later.  Advertisers should not let the growing digital media take the place of local live TV advertising, because together the mediums become a stronger giant than either are on their own. 

Less than a decade ago, the majority of viewers had no choice but to watch their programs as they aired.  Now, with on demand technologies, people have the option to watch them at a time that is convenient for them.  Despite this  local live TV viewing is at all time high.  According to, adults aged 18+ spend up to nine times more time watching Local TV vs time-shifted TV.

     Avg. Min. Per Day Watching TV (A18+)
  Watching Live TV  Watching Time-Shifted TV
 Q3 2014  272 min  30 min
 Q3 2013 284 min  28 min
 Q3 2012 290 min  24 min
     *Nielsen December 2014

Local live TV stations are finding new ways to account for the split viewership – both live and delayed by measuring their digital traffic are using the local news to drive it up.  According to the Pew Reasearch Center,  local live TV newscasts in the US are suffering from “shrinking pains,”  just like the local newspapers did before them.  The limitations of  local live TV reporting have made stories shorter.  This has lead to the average local news viewer’s teetering interest and they change the channel.  What local stations are doing to combat this dip and keep the viewer engaged in its station is inviting the viewer to the station’s website where they can learn more about the stories that interest them more. Viewers can watch extended clips and interviews, stay up – to – date with breaking news and connect with other viewers through comment sections. Using these techniques, a local live TV station does not need to split its audience between live and delayed viewing.


Social Media and Volunteers Equal Staff Support


Not enough staff and not enough time. As a school district communicator, do you have these problems? Perhaps combining parent volunteer power and social media is the answer to your dilemma.

Public This is a graphic of school  volunteers who use social media to share information with other districts, large or small, have access to parents who volunteer at their schools. Using social media and other resources will transpose these volunteers into key communicators to enhance your school district public relations efforts and your goal of keeping all parents informed.  Continue reading

Social Media and Fashion Bloggers Forge The New Face of Fashion

Fashion used to have a certain mystique and exclusivity in its media coverage. Front row seating at the big fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, and Donna Karan was once only reserved for real fashion editors. Editors who could write in AP Style. Editors who knew the difference between silk charmeuse and silk shantung. Editors whose loyal newspaper and magazine readers couldn’t wait to read what New York, London, Paris and Milan touted as the latest trends. (Photo courtesy of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week) Continue reading

Social Media Playbook, Inflate Your Knowledge

Social Media Playbook, Inflate Your Knowledge image of deflated Super Bowl ball

Social Media Playbook, Inflate Your Knowledge

The big game is almost here! With all the distractions in the social media game, a team needs a playbook to focus on winning strategy. Now is the time to take the field with your social media playbook and inflate your knowledge!

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Three points to consider before using Facebook for your small business

Three points to consider before using Facebook for your small business

As a small business owner, you do it all — you’re the human relations manager, IT lackey, and accountant. Should you add managing a company Facebook page to your never-ending to-do list?

The short answer is: it depends.

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Project Management program

Trending in today’s business

Why are project management programs trending in today’s business world? Most business is based on the ability to complete projects. How well they are completed is based on meeting budgets, hours spent and outcome. These factors all effect a companies bottom line. Continue reading

Man holding his hands to his chin. He is suffering from bangorrhea.

Do you suffer from bangorrhea?

Do you suffer from bangorrhea?

Man is hands covering face.  He suffers from bangorrhea.

Bangorrhea is well-known to many writers and literary critics as the growing hyper use of exclamation marks. A recent post from Beth Dunn at Hubspot, “Do You Really Need That Exclamation Point?” offers understanding and treatment suggestions for the bangorrhea that may plague your prose.  Continue reading

Small Business Social Media Planning

Small Business Social Media Planning…Demystified the magic man behind the social media curtain

Social media has rushed the business landscape and changed the rules in the

Small business social media planning, Wizard of Oz, Man behind an opening curtain, social media planningconsumer engagement game. Small business social media planning can feel like an uncertain journey.  Top 50 companies to entrepreneurs have upgraded their playbook by swapping Customer Loyalty Programs for Twitter promotions for their followers. For new small business owners, having a social media plan can be a bit of a mystery and may seem more elusive than traditional marketing planning.

Digital Media Ad Spending Continues To Grow

TV and digital advertising are the most powerful and fastest growing media markets.  The digital world has changed the way we use and consume media and it has changed our culture.  According to and, digital ad spending will pass TV spending in the U.S. by 2017.  A growth is projected of 4.8% is projected, increasing share from 27% to 30%, which will convert to $536 billion in 2015.  Digital media continues to be a big growth story – at a 27% share in November 2014, up 11% from November 2013.  Television’s total share is 58% for November 2014, down 2%.  Radio and Magazine are each at 4% share, down 8%, Newspapers are at a 4% share or flat to a year ago, and Out Of Home now sits at a 3% share, down 24%.  Knowing this landscape, we know it’s time to focus on digital advertising. 

The world of TV is competing with digital media ad spenditures and has found new ways to incorporate digital as part of its multiplatform sales capabilities. The steps that are being taking to understand the digital landscape are as follows.  Learning how to think like a digital marketer, learning how to uncover digital advertisers goals, how to sell integrated offerings. Also learning how to prepare for digital meetings and how to overcome objections.  Lastly, to know how to sell against the competition.   All media outlets now incorporate digital media capabilities and are offered as part of their multiplatform plans.

In today’s culture it is common for a person to be watching TV while surfing the internet or engaging in social media.  It is now possible for advertising to reach its audience using several mediums at the same time.  It’s not about watching a 30 second commercial and delivering a quick message anymore.  Advertising literally has the ability to create a 360 degree presence with its audience.   This is why it is so important that as marketers maximize these abilities by really understanding the client and their advertising goals.


Digital Media Continues Growing

Digital Media and TV Reach The Multi-Tasking Viewer


Immigrants and Social Media



Once a upon time…

Can you imagine how hard it was moving to another country without knowing what you would find on the other side? This person is called an immigrant! For many people it was the only way to survive, requiring a strong will to change your lifestyle!  Immigrants arrived in America just with one thing in their bags, a better life! People use to say: The grass is greener on the neighbor’s side! These immigrants just heard about someone who had already emigrated and told them how fantastic was on the other side! You didn’t even have a phone so you could hear people’s voice or go online to see how the new place looks like. By the way if you like genealogy, I recommend you to have a look at a website FamilySearch.


So you could lie as much as you wanted! Then the telegraph and the movies arrived.  It reminds me of the Italian movie, Cinema Paradiso, where a small village in Italy during the Second World War got together inside a church to watch movies and  dream about the next step in living! You should go and see this movie that won an Oscar  for best foreign film. Watch the trailer! When the TV arrived, and you could dream about other places to emigrate sitting on a sofa in your house. I grow up watching American TV series as I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched and more…. It was just great just thinking about to order a milk shake, a banana split or even a burger! I can imagine how Marco Polo felt when he arrived in Asia and saw and taste so many new things. Thanks to him and all the other braves explore who described and wrote about other cultures to us. We are getting closer to this HUGE impact on the life of an immigrant! Internet revolution! I spent so  many years without reading news from my country or without knowing what it is going on over there! The post  usually took  a week or many weeks to arrive at the destination. At many decades ago you could call the  family and friends, but this was so expensive, so it was a luxury or a treat !!!!!!!!! Many times I used a Payphone to call because it was cheaper to do so. This young generation doesn’t have a clue what a pay phone is? Maybe because they never saw one! Some devices like the Walkman had gone from the market. Nobody uses one anymore.

 Social Media

You must be thinking now,  how is this related to Social Media? So much !!!!!!!!! The Internet brings the possibility to get connected with everything and everyone almost everywhere! So having tools like Orkut, this one has gone already, but it was very popular for some years ago connection millions of people around the world. Orkut gave me the possibility of finding families, friends that I have not heard about in years! It means a bunch for an immigrant getting in touch with your roots instantly. It feels like you are there, but you are here! Do you understand me? So many ways of communication and getting in touch with your community in a very easy and quick way, and more now you have this possibility in the palm of your hands! You can be chatting with many friends or family at the same time, using apps on your smartphone like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and more… For a business perspective, an immigrant has a lot of to gain with the Social Media. For example, if you make cakes in your home, you can spread the world with all these apps that I mentioned before. Now I cannot think before the time of Social Media Revolution! Get Social, and you will not feel lonely more! 


Social Media Changed Weddings (For Better or For Worse)

Social media has enabled people to share every little detail of their lives. Facebook and Twitter are packed with celebrations, conversations, and commentary that seems to interrupt and distract from daily life. However, these distractions also serve another purpose: recording memories.

Social media has become a large presence in our daily lives, but even more so in how we celebrate the most important events in our lives. Just think about how social media changed weddings. How has Pinterest alone changed how we plan weddings? Has social media changed the rules of wedding etiquette?

A picture of a cookie decorated to look like a facebook post about a wedding.

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Slacktivism: Acitvism for the Modern World

What is Slacktivism?

If you are a frequent social media user, odds are you have participated in some amount of social media activism… perhaps even slacktivism.   Continue reading

Fashion Good Guys: Levi Strauss Blog A Voice for Good Works

Fashion is cool, glamorous, engaging, celebrity-obsessed. Fashion is a big business. While media focuses on the fashion runways, the latest trends, and who’s hot and who’s not, there’s another story. Fashion’s good guys. Perhaps not someone you’d think of as a setter of trends, Levi Strauss & Co. ( is one of those good guys. This iconic jeans brand is committed to ethical practices. Its social conscience can be seen in its support of the global women’s health initiative, The HERProject sponsored by BSR (Businesses for Social Responsibility) (

Featured image

Levi’s are made all over the world, and in places where health concerns like HIV/Aids, pre-natal care, and sanitation need the support of companies like Levi Strauss. They’ve joined hands with other like-minded big fashion brands like Nordstrom and Timberland. Levi Strauss’ social responsibility extends into other areas as well, like sustainability, eco-friendly production practices, and more.

Getting this message of social responsibility across to the public is clear in its digital communications, such as the company’s “Unzipped” blog. Here Levi Strauss trumpets its “good guy” message and contributions in fields such as global women’s health or sustainability.  An example is Levi Strauss’ “Unzipped” blog post Dec. 1, 2014 supporting World AIDS Day. “We’ve been longtime supporters of AIDS/HIV advocacy and we’ve encouraged education at a company-wide level since 1982, when news of the disease became public knowledge,” LS&Co. blogger, Michelle Wright wrote.

The blog also reflects how “Unzipped” writes for effective SEO, with numerous links embedded into the blog post, i.e. Levi Strauss Foundation,, etc.

Being fashionable, today, also means being aware of those companies that embrace social responsibility. Levi Strauss is setting trends in being socially responsible as one of the good guys.

Digital Media Aids In School Emergency Alerts

On any given day in a public school district, emergencies may occur at various school campuses. At one school, an electrical outage may be causing disruptions to digital media.  Another campus may be on lock down due to police activity in the neighborhood. One school may be dispelling rumors that a student brought a weapon, and another school may be dismissing early because of  sewage problems. Continue reading

The Power of Social Media Storytelling

The most successful public speakers are the ones who connect with their audiences by sharing compelling personal stories to illustrate their points. In social media, storytelling is equally powerful.

There’s a reason for why storytelling has engaged people from the beginning of time, from cave paintings to the Bible, to the birth of journalism to Internet marketing. What’s the reason? Apparently it’s basic human brain This is an illustration of two transparent faces looking at each other and each person's brain is visible to illustrate the connective power of social media According to Princeton scientist Uri Hassan, When we hear or see a story, rather than just being told or reading the information, more areas of our brain are activated so it’s like we’re experiencing the events of the stories ourselves. In essence, our brains sync up with the storyteller’s brain. We connect. Responding to stories is a central characteristic of humans since we are social creatures who crave social connection.

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A social media strategy for Europe – why it isn’t that easy

map of Europe, focusing on GermanWhen you create a communications campaign of any sort, it is crucial to understand
who your audience is. Try picturing a specific individual that you’re writing for. Do
you see a woman in her 30-ids that you’re trying to talk to? Great! But wait… Is she Spanish, a very avid user of social media, but does’t speak English? Or is she a German business woman who speaks English but does not trust Twitter? Continue reading

Syllabus & Schedule

Here is the Syllabus and Class Schedule for the Digital Engagement Course:

Syllabus Digital Engagement SPR15