Woman Summer Running in Texas

Resources for Summer Running in Texas

Summer running in Texas calls for both toughness and good judgment. But with a little planning and knowledge, you can achieve your running goals even in the summer heat.

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Runners start a Texas summer marathon

What to Expect During a Texas Summer Half Marathon

After several weeks of training in the heat, you should be well acclimated and perhaps ready to try a Texas summer half marathon. So what should you expect on race day?

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Woman runs in the sun

Texas Summer Runners Must Mind the Heat, but Don’t Forget About the Sun

Texas summer runners know all about the heat. But where is all that heat is coming from? The scorching Texas sun. In addition to taking precautions against heat exhaustion, runners should take care to protect their skin against the sun’s rays.

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Runners compte in Jalapeno Half while summer running in Texas

Summer Running in Texas Calls for Sweating Early and Often

Did you get in some miles during the sauna-like heat last week? If so, congratulations! You you have what it takes for summer running in Texas. So why not put your fortitude to the test by signing up for a race?

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Runner drinking from a water bottle

Keep Your Cool While Running in Texas this Summer

June got off to a rainy start in North Texas. But summer usually brings heat, humidity and lots of sweat. Staying hydrated requires more than a water bottle. You need a plan to keep your cool while running in Texas during the summer.

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Boston Marathon runners cope with the heat

Texas Summer Running: Drink up! (But Not Too Much)

Texas summer running requires proper hydration. However, drinking too much water can cause serious consequences as well. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and planning, you can master the art of hydration.

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Burn Calories Dancing Hula – But Don’t Forget To Pack Your Aloha

Tired of the same old workout? For a fun and effective way to exercise, take yourself to the islands for an hour a day and burn calories dancing hula – but don’t forget to pack your aloha.   Continue reading

Woman prepares for running in the Texas heat

Running in the Texas Heat: Take Time to Acclimate

So you’ve decided to keep running in the Texas heat? With heat indexes soaring into the 90s this weekend, that first hot training run may test your resolve. But take heart–it will get better. However, you must be willing to go slowly and give your body time to adapt.

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Running in the heat - Hottest Half

Running in the Texas Heat: Why?

Running in the Texas heat challenges even the most intrepid runners. Beyond the misery of bathing in your own sweat for hours on end, Texas runners need to take the time to properly acclimate. They must also heed the warning signs of heat stroke.

So why do it? Despite the dangers, running in the Texas heat brings significant rewards for those disciplined enough to stick with their training plan through the dog days of summer.

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