Coutinho Replacement or Bust?

All the banter among reds fans recently involves strong opinions over what should have been done with the bundle of money the club acquired from the Coutinho deal. As you could assume, Klopp and Fenway Sports Group certainly have their usual group of loyal criticizers speaking up itching for a Coutinho replacement. This is obviously common when you have a team with a rich winning history, sitting on a bundle of money, going trophy-less for much too long. Reds fans should zoom out and have a look at the club’s position going forward.



The availability of talent in the January window was underwhelming, to say the least. Many fans were crying out for a Coutinho band-aid as soon as possible. And urging the club to spend for a replacement. Most fans worried about the Coutinho-less side were primarily concerned that Liverpool would not be able to score goals against the lower ranked teams. But not being able to score goals against these teams while they’re parking the bus has been a major problem for the Reds. Even with Coutinho still in the side. No one with a sense of football will argue that Coutinho is not a good player. Or that any side wouldn’t miss him. That being said, the first half of the season, Liverpool actually fared better when Coutinho was not on the pitch. Winning more of their games percentage wise while the old number 10 was absent. For more detailed statistics of the team with and without Coutinho visit here.

Looking Forward

I won’t bore you with multiple scenarios of what we could have spent on. But bottom line, Had Liverpool rushed a replacement, we simply would have paid too much for the best replacement available. Klopp is known to be very patient and particular with his big signings. Going by the manager’s words and actions, he seems to be more concerned with making Liverpool a club that can be among the favorites to win trophies year in and year out. Rather than blunder our favorable financial position by overspending on a Coutinho band-aid.

The Reds are third in the league, only two points behind United after beating Southhampton away 2-0. Welding arguably the most dangerous front three in the entire world of football. Klopp seems to have made his intentions clear that he will not settle when it comes to personnel. And that the Anfield boss has confidence in his current side. Maybe the owners have given him confidence in his job with security. With the intention that he will not feel the pressure to sign premature replacements. Just hoping they will fit into the puzzle properly. But rather be patient and build a long-term dynasty.

Barbara’s Pavillion introduces a new Oak Cliff bartender

Brady is the new bartender in Oak Cliff. Brady serves drinks at Barbara’s Pavillion on Friday night and Sunday from 4 p.m. to close.

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Avocado Toast

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Oak Cliff bartender Dan: Barbara’s Pavillion profile

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Oak Cliff bar live music show

Barbara’s Pavillion in Oak Cliff proves dive bars can host music shows

The first Friday this June brought heavy rains through the evening in Dallas, but by 9:30 p.m., Oak Cliff’s dive bar, Barbara’s Pavillion put on a  live show with Ronnie Heart along with Adam & the Figurines. Continue reading

Road Tripping deep in the heart of Houston, TX Baby

What do the words Beyoncé and NASA have in common?

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Oak Cliff bar hosts 4th annual potluck reunion

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Five Breakfast Diners to Try in Dallas

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The 230 Restaurant in Addison: How to Try Them All

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Oak Cliff bar to host live music on June 2

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Hawaiian Poke Bowl with fresh fish and fruit

Where to Find Hawaiian Poke Bowls in Dallas

The Hawaiian poke craze has hit the Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex in full force. This popular food trend combines fresh cubed fish with sushi rice to form a version of a sushi salad. Poke, pronounced POH-keh, is a healthy and delicious Hawaiian dish meaning “cut piece” or “small piece. Here is a guide on where to find Hawaiian poke bowls in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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Best Oak Cliff dive bar – Barbara’s Pavillion

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