Keep Learning

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. -Pablo Picasso

Yesterday’s great is today’s mediocre

Did you graduate from school? Congratulations, now keep learning…

“If you view graduation as a commencement, a beginning, it can be a foundation for future value creation and service. That is the exact opposite perspective from those who mistakenly imagine that their credentials constitute entitlement…” -James Strock, Serve To Lead

It is no accident that leaders in various fields are voracious learners whose imaginations are defiantly unbounded by the often artificial strictures and structures of formal education or academic disciplines.

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oak cliff bartender dan

Oak Cliff bartender Dan: Barbara’s Pavillion profile

Barbara’s Pavillion patrons know Dan. For the last 10 years Oak Cliff bartender Dan has poured drinks and heard stories.

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How to unplug on vacation

Are you ready for a summer escape? If so, you want a vacation that is as stress free as possible.   Continue reading

Local Government Communication – Far from Boring

Awards, keepsakes and experiences of a local government communicatorHave you considered a career in local government communication? Think it might be too boring for you? Well, think again. A single week offers a laundry list of diversity. You’ll work on everything from promoting new trash routes to a new park opening. Here’s a few myth-busting insights that might make you reconsider the profession. Continue reading

Moving Forward After Layoff

Stormoving forward after layoff-exit street signe closings and staff reductions are all over the news this month. JCPenney announced it is closing 140 stores and offering early retirement to 6,000 employees. Macy’s is closing 68 stores in 2017 and eliminating 10,000 total positions. If you’ve been affected by a layoff, you’re not alone. Whether you saw it coming or were completely shocked, time to take stock and prepare for what lies ahead. Here are 4 actions you can take when moving forward after layoff. Continue reading

How to Survive Your First Job as A Recent Graduate

Recent college graduate with big dreams of changing the world? Trying to adjust to the 9 to 5 grind of the work week? If so, find out how to survive your first job. Continue reading

Coping in an open office

Is coping in an open office possible while keeping your sanity?   Shared office spaces save companies money, but only if employees are able to concentrate and thrive. Today’s open office environments are designed to encourage collaboration and workflow, but many studies suggest they are not as effective . Here are a few tips to help you navigate in an open environment. Continue reading

Job Hunting in the Age of LinkedIn

The is the logo of the Job Hunting and networking site LinkedIn

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The Hidden Power of People Skills in a LinkedIn Society

Job hunting in the age of LinkedIn is simple as pushing a button on your smartphone app. Can it really be that effortless? In a recovering job market, the emergence of networking sites appear to level the playing field for everyone. However, research has shown that social skills play a major role in landing jobs in today’s competitive labor market.  Continue reading

Leaders and Managers

LeaderLeaders and Managers

Today, leaders and managers must be able to set the goals, develop a plan, communicate the plan, supervise execution of the plan and continually build a motivational climate.  Many companies must meet the new challenges in the global world.  Globalization has changed the way leaders and managers do business.  What make a good leaders and managers?   Continue reading

Educating Dallas Kids in Nature

Photo from top of West Rim Trail at Dog Wood Canyono of Joe Pool Lake

Beautiful view from the top of West Rim Trail of Joe Pool Lake

Educating Dallas kids in nature has never been easier!  Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center is an amazing place to easily give yourself a break and let kids of all ages be free to explore and have adventures.  Dogwood Canyon is unique in that it is the only true canyon in the Dallas area and is a mere 15 minutes south of downtown Dallas off 67 in Cedar Hill.

Toddlers thru Pre-schoolers safety while exploring

For younger children, Dogwood Canyon offers a specially designed natural play and picnic area.  It is enclosed so you can relax and watch your child do what is so inherent to their being – play in nature.  Called “Nature Play” the space has stump jumping, a climbing wall, a crawling tube and a sandbox.  The Dog Wood Canyon educators feature story time in Nature Play.  Currently a story is told featuring a turtle’s adventure while the staff shows a live turtle.  By March 2016 Dogwood Canyon will expand Nature Play to include a sensory garden and a small trail, where small children can feel like they are hiking.

Nature Play Area Sign

Nature Play area with rock climbing wall, multi-tiered sandbox and climbing tube

Nature Play area with climbing wall, crawling tube and multi tiered sand box


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College Faculty Use Social Media

College Faculty Use Social Media More Than Workplace Employees

Faculty in the collegiate space, typically thought of by the corporate world as slow moving and behind the times, use social media platforms more than workplace employees. An April 2011 survey shows that college faculty use social media in myriad ways both professionally and personally, outpacing their corporate counterparts 2-1. While faculty reported that they were aware of most of the social platforms, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs were noted as those that were most frequently visited and used, some out of necessity and not out of desire. Interestingly, faculty who have been in the professoriate for more than 20 years showed the same level of awareness of social media as those who have been in the field for fewer than 5.

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A Leader’s Legacy



What makes a great leader?  A leader is a person who wants to be the face of an organization, the person responsible for success and failure, the person who has all the right answer, and is someone who has no room for improvement.  These tend to be commonly held beliefs in our society and “A Leader’s Legacy” sets out to show how these beliefs are not only wrong but how true leaders act.  The book discusses what it is to be a leader and how legacies are left behind.  The book disputes leaders are born or made, and shows that leaders aren’t always the charismatic  or natural leaders. Continue reading

Do What You Love to Do

Student 1It’s a simple question, “If money were no object what would you do?” And yet how many of us can say we’re doing what we love to do versus doing a job? The question came up again this past Sunday morning as I met a recent college grad who was new to DFW. In fact, she’d been here for just over 6 months and hadn’t really “connected” to the area as she and her parents had hoped.

We talked about her time in college, the internships she had, and what she did and didn’t like about each of her jobs. Generally, her positions were with financial services or venture-related firms which wasn’t surprising given her family and where they worked. What’s more, her career counselors raved about the companies she interned for and noted the money she could make with any of one them.

But money wasn’t the issue, and no one she talked to had ever asked what she loved to do.

“People come to me all the time for my opinion on things, especially cosmetics and beauty-related products, ” she gushed. “I love helping people find the best products for their needs.”

As oyoutube-for-android-lets-you-watch-videos-mostly-offline-updated--8bb4ae8a43ur conversation continued, she talked about video blogging and rendering her thoughts and opinions online. More and more today, she noted, reviewers are being influenced and paid to hype a product that doesn’t really meet an individual’s needs. That’s what I love to do, to help people get what’s really best for them regardless of price, but how do I get started, what do I do?

To do what you love to do isn’t easy, but identifying what you love to do and then sharing that passion with family, friends and others you meet enables them to better understand what you’re looking for and be on the lookout for potential openings that are right for you.

As our conversation continued, she thought more about the idea of doing what she loved to do and her energy level increased, her thoughts and ideas flowed more freely, and she said she finally felt she had a direction and purpose to her search.

Doing what you love to do can make all the difference in your life, your relationships and the way you view everything around you. And even if the job you find isn’t total nirvana, but it has most of the elements that coincide with doing what you love to do, you’ll be better for the experience, while the contagious vibe you bring to each day will surely render any semblance of TGIF a thing of the past.







The Secret to Work

Let yourself breathe and imagine the possibilities

Let yourself breathe and imagine the possibilities

Imagine if the idea of work was something you never had to consider. There was no such thing as TGIF. No worry about completing meaningless tasks with no value or purpose. You simply did what you love to do. You felt energized and motivated when Monday morning came around and you looked forward to attacking every day.

To many, if not most of us, the concept of never working a day in our life may seem like a fantasy. A dream scenario never realized except by the 1 in a million that wins the lottery. The retail clerk, factory worker or office pro who punches a clock, does the required work and at 5 o’clock calls it a day. The person who does what’s expected, meets their obligations and at the end of a long career looks back and says I did what I did for the time that I had.

But what if we changed this sobering scene by adding one word to your mindset. A word so profound you only need to embrace it to change your life forever. Would you do it? Of course you would – at least in theory. Want to know what the word is? It’s passion. I know you scoffed and thought passion, really, how can one word make a difference in who I am and what I do? And frankly, why should I care?

The word passion means “a strong and barely controllable emotion; a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.”   So ask yourself, when you think about passion what comes to mind? Is it a person? Is it an object? Or is it a feeling that ignites your senses, a spiritual presence or is it something else? Perhaps it’s something you love to do? An activity that makes you feel good or great. It’s something you do just because and you could care less if it brought you any rewards. You do it because of the way it makes you feel, the gratification and inner joy it provides.

Do you think Steve Jobs was passionate about what he did?

Do you think Steve Jobs was passionate about what he did?

Now take that passion that pervades your soul and gives you a sense of being  and let it be your life’s work. That’s right, let it become your definition of “9 to 5” and what you do. But I have to warn you, when you marry your passion with what you do, the concept of work melts away. Words like obsessed, intense, and driven quickly replace words like mundane, boring and unfulfilling. You’ll find an inner spirit that comes alive and takes hold of your persona like a powerful drug.

So how, you might ask, do you define your passion? It’s easy, you ask yourself one question, “If money were no object, what would I do?” Allow yourself to breathe, to sit back and imagine the places where others share your passion. Remember passion breeds passion. Or as Anthony Robbins said, “There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete, a scientist, a parent or a businessperson.”

The Bespoke Boy Personalizes a JHilburn Suit

RevengeSuitWith a nice fitting shirt, you’ll want to take care of a bespoke suit with your personal touches. With JHilburn you’ll find an array of choices you’ve never had before. A large selection of fabrics from the finest mills in Italy, working buttons, an array of button choices, pockets, linings, a half-lined jacket, and one, two, or three button notches.

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Realizing Career Success with a Mentor

In today’s instant gratification, full speed ahead world why is it that mentoring seems like a forgotten or at least an overlooked art? That’s right, an art because you’re typically connecting with a master who has worked hard to get where they are and not only garnered your attention, but your respect as well.

For students and early career professionals, a mentor can help you see the proverbial “forest through the trees.” The possibilities in an industry or market you may be in today or the field you aspire to tomorrow. An experienced sage who may or may not see the glass as half-full, but who will always provide an opinion, an alternative perspective to what you see and how you think. And maybe surprisingly, for no cost other than acknowledging the thoughts rendered and sharing the reasons why you did or did not choose to accept the ideas presented.

Working with a mentor doesn’t need to be seen as a chore or an obligation to complete an assignment, but rather an open conversation where thoughts, ideas and feelings are shared on both sides. That’s right, the mentor will be learning from you almost as much as you will be learning from and about your mentor. Remember, each of us is unique with a different perspective on life, business, relationships and more that helps define who we are, how we think and certainly what we love to do.

When you think of a mentor stop and consider the power of a divining rod to seemingly find water where technology and experts alike are often unsuccessful. A powerful combination of faith, conviction and unquestioned expertise that despite the naysayers finds a way to succeed when everyone says stop, you’re wasting your time.

Studies have shown that each of us will change jobs 6, 7 or even 8 times over the course of our careers. Some will chase the money and not worry about the job itself, while others will forego the cash to make a contribution to life and their fellow man. And still others will pursue a career path that delivers on all fronts, personal and professional, and we’ll call them successful. The best, most experienced climbers in the world never begin an ascent without a guide, a sherpa at their side, so why embark on an unchartered course for success when having a trusted mentor can make all the difference.