Mistakes to Avoid while Starting a Podcast

Podcast Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes to Avoid while starting a podcast

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, now would be an excellent time. The podcast has proven to be a high effective marketing tool for individuals and businesses. Don’t expect it to be easy, you’re bound to make a lot of mistakes along the way, which is completely normal. For a headstart, here are a couple of mistakes to avoid for your podcast:

Having Your Podcast Over 30 Minutes

It’s nice to sound (and be) informed on a topic with lengthy explanations but people today have little time. It’s important to keep your podcast relatively short. Think of the people listening to it during driving, lunch breaks, working out. If it exceeds a reasonable listening time, start thinking of ways to shorten it.

Overblowing your Podcast’s Budget

When starting, you might be tempted to buy the biggest and best equipment available. You do NOT need to go excessive when recording your voice. Now that’s not to say you can get away with recording on your iPhone, but you can easily get away spending under $100 on secondhand equipment. Check your local and online retailers for refurbished mic and filter models and avoid cost extremes.

Straying from your Niche

Like most company and personal blogs, they’re usually covering a specific niche. It’s okay to go offtopic for a segway, afterall, it keeps the commentator more interesting to listen to. But keep it relevant to your niche. Don’t start your podcasts about pizza restaurants in New York and somehow end up dicussing Chinese take-out by your 50th podcast.