Updated Class Schedule

As Molly pointed out, I am calendar challenged.

Here is the updated class schedule showing “No Class” on Monday 5/28 for Memorial Day.



It's time for back to school shopping

It’s Time for Back to School Shopping!

Schoolchildren dread it and parents love it. What is it? It’s time for Back to School shopping!

It happens every year as the Summer winds down. Summer days of play and hanging out. Popsicles, swimming, and cookouts now make way for Back to School shopping. New clothes and shoes are needed for children who have outgrown the old. In addition, new school supplies are necessary for the next grade in school, as assigned by the new teachers. So it’s time to get young minds ready for the new school year. It’s time to wind down Summer fun and look forward to the first day of school! Continue reading

Dogs family love happiness

Dogs in a family gush with love spreading happiness to everyone in the house

Dogs in a family gush with love,  spreading happiness in the home by exuding  unconditional love toward all the family members.  The family golden retriever welcomes father home after a hard day’s work with a wink of her eye. Kids come home from school and are greeted by the family canine who gallops to the door with tail wagging and tongue hanging; ready to give the child a wet dog.

Dogs family love happiness

The family Chihuahua

Mom comes home from work or shopping to prepare a meal and the family Chihuahua silently waits on the kitchen floor for a chance  to catch the crumbs mom drops. Brooms and dust pans are obsolete with the Mexican breed dog lurking in the abyss.

Sound like a perfect family? It isn’t, but the tribe is much happier because of the family dog that is  in their lives. The animal is gushing unconditional love that comforts everyone. This fury friend is like a cheer leader, lifting peoples spirits regardless of their day’s circumstances.

Dogs that infuse the most love and happiness into the family are golden retrievers.

Any family that has had a dog that is a golden retriever knows about the love and happiness they bring. It’s hard to find a more majestic animal that loves people more than a golden retriever. When you walk the golden on a leash people stop in their tracks and want to pet them. A male college student ends up being the  most popular with his classmates of the opposite or same-sex  just by using the four-legged friend as bait.

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Model wearing a concho belt with native American Indian feather sold at Dallas Market Center

What’s New at Dallas Market Center

Barbosa jewelry launched its new showroom at Dallas Market Center with new lines for wholesale buyers. This includes hand-tooled Long Rope handbags, Royal Palm Fedora hats and new jewelry designs by Felipe Barbosa.

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Multiple Accounts in Instagram is Now a Reality

Multiple Accounts in InstagramIs the new functionality allowing the management of multiple accounts in Instagram a tactic to steal Twitter users?

Social media managers, your dreams have come true! Being able to switch between multiple accounts in Instagram is finally happening. Instagram announced on Twitter that the long-requested feature would begin to appear in iOS and Android apps this week in version 7.15, though leaks revealed a few users were already seeing the feature last week. Select users in the app’s official beta testing group for Android received the update back in November with version 7.12 as the social network was testing the functionality. Since then, Instagram users have been waiting in eager anticipation for a full rollout.

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The POTUS Podcast

Maron Lands Obama for Historic WTF Podcast

The digital media landscape took a major step forward on Thursday as it was announced that President Barack Obama would enter comedian Marc Maron’s garage for a taping of Maron’s popular WTF With Marc Maron podcast. Continue reading

Magic: The Every-Man’s Personal Assistant Service

Looking for ways to add some convenience to your life?  Do you need some help knocking a few pesky items off your to do list?

If so, this new personal assistant service may be the answer to your call… or text, as the case may be!

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