Mr. Cool Defines JHilburn Business Casual


elements of business casual

The style seems not only easy, but comfortable. So the decision is to give it a try. But where to begin? One thing you’re sure to include are┬áthe jeans. Your JHilburn personal stylist will guide you to AG Jeans, DL jeans, and JBrand jeans; find the selection at Colors in washed, white, resonate, and midnight get you pointed in a good direction. Tailored measurements taken at your shirt and suit appointment will determine an
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JHilburn Tuxedo = Mr. Refined

JHilburn Black TuxedoHere it comes, gala season. You may be thinking of heading to #rent a #tuxedo. But, did you know when renting four or more times you could be owning a tuxedo? With the exceptional choices in fabrics, midnight blue, super fine black, and black you’ll find the value of a #JHilburn tuxedo will last up to ten or more years. With the release of Casino Royal, the midnight blue has been a gentleman’s favorite Continue reading

The Finest Thread of a Bespoke Shirt

fall2015With a JHilburn custom shirt you may be assured every thread is considered and inspected. The Albini Group produces fabrics with state of the art machinery for spinning and weaving fabric. Raw yarn is carefully selected, analyzed, and controlled for moisture. Only the best threads will become Albini yarns and will undergo testing for twist, strength, and stitch to insure the optimal quality for weaving. The continuity of all the colors are monitored by machines to insure colors selected for design are steadfast for the pattern for the weave. Ultimately, the threads are going through a quality control process and the threads will move on to be dyed. These dyed threads are now ready for the weaving step. In the weaving stage, fabrics are carefully inspected before being sent for finishing. The finishing step transforms the fabric to it’s final color and appearance. Continue reading

The Bespoke Boy Personalizes a JHilburn Suit

RevengeSuitWith a nice fitting shirt, you’ll want to take care of a bespoke suit with your personal touches. With JHilburn you’ll find an array of choices you’ve never had before. A large selection of fabrics from the finest mills in Italy, working buttons, an array of button choices, pockets, linings, a half-lined jacket, and one, two, or three button notches.

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The Bespoke Boy Becomes Suited Up


You’ve been measured, careful notes on your fit, cuff, collar, and shirt fabric selections have been taken. Off she goes to place your preferences and order is in production. You’re on your way to building a wardrobe that will be the office envy. In about four weeks your JHilburn Personal Stylist will deliver the shirt to you. She’ll arrange to meet at a comfortable location. She’s taken the time to lightly press your shirt, place on hanger, and deliver your first shirt. The minute you see it you’re excited. She encourages you to try it on. You excuse yourself to the Men’s Room. What a great fit. You take a look in the mirror and check out the cuff and collar. You know this one won’t be hitting pile in the corner floor.
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The Bespoke Boy Decides on Custom Tailoring


How and when does one decide, or even know, when he’s interested in the fine art of custom #tailoring? Is it because he feels like a slouch among his peers? Does he see is good work at the office is on point, yet the most dapper man at the table is getting eye contact and dominating the conversation? Just what could be done to get both in alignment? Perhaps you’ve now reached the point of a commissioned stylist to tailor in the lines of fit, specific choice in collar and cuff? The made to measure world seems unknown and uncomfortable to you. But the time has come to find the fit, take more care, and as Mary Poppins would say at the end of the task, “Spit spot.”

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