What’s Your Story?

Whats your story? The world connects to something or the other there is a situation. There is an experience and then there is a necessity. That’s when the products and service are created. Every product or a service has a compelling story behind it.  When we watch an advertisement on the TV you are most likely to find a story with the product. Maybe a medicine, a car, or even a tissue roll.

All the salespeople are Product or Service Evangelists. They will always have a story to say. A Narrative to be more precise. Where they can position their product, to increase the impact and necessity of the same. We are all humans and there is always something we connect to. Even if we switch the roles, we should always think and ask what’s your story. Continue reading

Customer Success

Be there! Be attentive!Customer Success is the goal of the business in the current generation. Earlier in the years, it was Customer Service which mattered the most to the companies. Post selling a product/service, providing them with service was vital. In the current market trend, with such fierce competition. It’s not just Service but being responsible for Customer Success is very important.

Any business, whether a product or a service has to go above and beyond to ensure the customer relationship is being helpful to their customer success. The three vital aspects of the Customer Success journey are, Setting the right expectations, Being responsive and Post-sale follow-up. Continue reading

Technical Resource Crunch is Real

employmentTechnical Resource Crunch is Real despite unemployment being at 3.8% as per the report on June 01, 2018. The Technical Resources Crunch is still a reality for big IT Firms.

The three essential factors that Influence Technical Resource Crunch are People, Process, and Technology. The companies are investing in future. Their vision is to adopt the new technologies to enhance their user experience. Improve their customer satisfaction graph. The technical resources pool who develop, design and maintain those applications drive the industry. Continue reading

Millennial First Impressions

Millennial the New Generation has less patience with everything. They would love anything which takes less time, to do, to prepare or to judge on anything they come across. First impressions last long but there is more to everything that meets the eye.

It’s true that time is THE essence, but is it really time that is their real essence or is it the experience that makes the real sense and essence. They are the central point that would be preferred to term as the target audience for every other industry these days, be it politics, technology, culture or services. Continue reading