The Importance of Followers

Instagram followers are a very important aspect of building your brand and ultimately lead you to a higher success rate by improving online presence, promoting your service, and staying ahead of competition. 


Why increase number of followers?

Instagram followers are the best way to promote your business. If you want to make an announcement about your brand or product, your followers will be one of the first to spread the word. People have a higher likelihood of following your profile when they see a higher number of followers. A higher number makes them want to see more of your product and engage with your brand. How to Grow Your Instagram Account is another blog reference that can expand on how to improve growth. 

The easiest way to increase your number of followers is keeping a consistent content calendar and schedule Instagram posts in advance. A great source to help schedule content is Keeping a regular schedule will keep followers in the know of your brand and build a consistent experience.  


Getting mentions and brand content posted by advocates and partners of your brand is also very important. The more your Instagram page gains followers organically instead of having to pay for “fake” followers, the more interested customers you will have. Advocates also want to support quality brands and products, so it is important that your Instagram page exudes quality.

What is Quality Content?

Quality is everything. When using Instagram to grow your business, it is important followers engage with your posts and stay engaged. Here are tips you can use to accomplish this:

  1. Post High Quality Photographs: everyone likes a clear, vibrant and sharp image. You want your pictures to best capture your product in a way that people want to see more and will stay up to date on future postings. 
  2. Use Different Formats: it is important to use variety. A 60 second video is a great way to show a tutorial  or demonstration of your product. But do not be too overwhelming with your posts, people will lose engagement and focus, hence losing followers. 
  3. Command Attention: work on having a consistent theme or a color scheme that is associated with your brand color. This will make your page aesthetically pleasing to viewers. Make sure images posted remain the same and promote the same theme and message. Once your audience is committed to your product, they will be loyal to your brand. 


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