Snap for Business

Snapchat for Business

Snap for Business

Snap for business is an effective way for your brand to reach new customers.  There are millions of Snapchat users active each day.  That could equal millions of new followers for your brand.  Users are spending more time in the discover section every day, which is a way for your business to connect with new Snapchat users and build a strong following.

Snap chat can be a bit trickier to use since users have to find you.  To be easily found, add a snap code to your account.  You can post the snap code Snapchat snap codeon your other social media platforms and within your business.  Users can scan the code because a snap code is an easy way to add your business to their Snapchat account.  

A business can introduce new products, advertise store events, offer flash sales, and tap into the moment’s adrenaline rush.   Give demonstrations on products or the care of a product.  Highlight different employees to show the inside workings of your business.

Most users on Snapchat are an average of 34 and below.  You will not attract followers if your content is boring or too business-oriented, so get your brand across with a fun snap for business.  You need to set your business apart  from competitors by being creative.  

Snapchat geo-filters

Use geo-filters for your Snapchat account.   The overlays or frames are graphic designs that will appear to users within your business’s specific range.   Geo filters start around $5 through Snapchat.  You can create a geo filter for your business.   The geo-filter has the potential to increase your followers as Snapchat users send snaps.

Keep followers interested by being consistent and creative in your snaps. Always remember to double-check your content before you share a story or snap of your business.   Make sure your snaps convey your business message.  Have fun and snap on!


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