How to Grow Your Instagram Account

Are you wondering how to grow your Instagram account? You’re not alone!

There is a lot of advice out there on how to grow an Instagram account, it can get overwhelming. But fear not, growing your Instagram account is not an impossible task!

Here are 3 ways to level up your Instagram strategy and grow your Instagram account.

How to grow your Instagram account by optimizing your profile for search
Your Instagram name field and bio are key to optimize your profile for search

#1 Optimize Your Profile for Search

Recently, Instagram announced that English-speaking users in 6 countries would be able to search on Instagram using keywords. Here is the link to the story to learn more:

Before, if users searched a keyword, only accounts and usernames with the keyword on it would appear. Now, if users search a certain keyword, posts with captions, names, and bios including the keyword will also show up.

You can take advantage of this change by optimizing your username and name field since they are now searchable on Instagram! If more people can find your account, that will double your chances of growing the account.


#2 Create Original and Shareable Content

These days, the Instagram algorithm favors posts that are shared the most. That means users sharing your post via DM or on their stories. If a post has a lot of engagement it can even appear on the Explore Page, increasing your visibility to new potential followers!  

So, how to create original content that is shareable? Think about what makes your brand unique and personable. Create content that is useful to your followers, such as tips, guidelines, tutorials, infographics, inspirational stories, how-to videos. Providing users with useful and original content will help your account stand out and be a resource to new followers.


#3 Engage with Your Audience and Be Active

You can also grow your Instagram account by being active on Instagram. It is crucial that you engage with your audience by responding to DMs and comments. However, there are other ways of engaging that are often forgotten. You need to interact with the accounts you follow, especially those with similar audiences to yours.

Genuinely engaging with similar accounts will not only make you part of the community but will increase your visibility to their followers because your comments could be pinned on their posts. Also, by engaging with other accounts you let the Instagram algorithm know that you have a “relationship” with these accounts, which allows for your account to show up in related and suggested account suggestions- hello new followers!

Check out this wonderful resource by Later on how to build a community on Instagram:

Use these 3 simple tips to help grow your Instagram account!

Grow your Instagram account and appear on Instagram suggestions by being active on Instagram and engaging with similar accounts
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