Social Media Platforms for Business


With numerous social media platforms, businesses need to determine which are best for them. Here are three of the most popular.


With over 2 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and  7+ million active advertisers each month, Facebook offers many content formats.  Users can share ideas, updates, storytelling and more.  Content can be shared via text, images, videos and live streaming.

Facebook Pages & Groups for Business

Businesses can use a combination of pages and Facebook groups.  This engages consumers by sparking conversation and creating meaningful interactions.  Creating a Facebook page is pretty simple and straightforward.


This video-sharing social media platform is also the second-largest search engine in the world.  It saves users valuable time in finding information and step-by-step tutorials from numerous sources. Or, visitors to the site simply what to be entertained.  Owned by Google, YouTube reports it has over 2 billion MAUs who watch over 1 billion hours of video and generate billions of views. 

Individuals and businesses alike can also create their own YouTube Channel providing viewers the opportunity to Subscribe.



Owned by Facebook, this social media platform is popular for photo and video-sharing.  It recently introduced IGTV, the company’s stand alone vertical video application.  While play on Instagram is limited to one minute, videos on IGTV can be up to one hour.  Users can also create their own IGTV channel








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