Social Media Growth Hacks in 2021

social media hacks in 2021

Social media growth hacks are very important to know as PR Experts. With the pandemic upon us and everyone at home, the attention span of your customers is less than 12 seconds, and you want them to keep their focus on you a little longer than that.  

Recognizing what Social media growth hacks fit

socialmediahacksthatfitsConsidering the frequency of social network usages in 2021, the worst thing is to miss an opportunity. You should also realize that not all social media challenges or trends will help your companies grow.  People always get lost in social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and forget that phone calls and text messages still work

Social Media Growth Strategies that will help

There are no set rules or laws to follow when it comes to social media strategies. You need to understand your strengths (what works for you) and leverage them. First, you need to keep your organizational goals and visions at hand. Understand what you want to achieve. Most of the time, when you know where you are going, you will most likely know how to get there. People will buy you first before they buy what you have to sell. It is also essential that you know who your target audiences are. According to Vision Critical, 77% of generation Z (Born after 1995) rely on real people and in real situations to make their decisions. If your customers are within this age range, get your customers’ reviews up and in their faces. Think about this question, “where can I  find my target audience?”.

Understanding Digital Tactics 

Now that you understand who your audience is, you must determine what medium of communication to use. One of the popular mistakes made is thinking that all social networks are the same and using the same strategy to grow your social media audiences. If your firm has decided to use the Instagram network, then your target audience is women within the age (18-24) according to Statista. Concentrating on generation Z and their need to see real situations and real stories, tools like Instagram and youtube will be very helpful as they are active storytelling tools. With the limited character numbers on Twitter, this can only allow you to start a conversation but it takes skill and practice. Against popular beliefs, millennials and generation Z have left Facebook for the generation X and baby boomers, so if that is your target audience, go for it. 

Listening to your social media tools 

Are you listening to what your social media tools are saying? One of thesocialmediagrowth best ways to improve our social media presence is listening to how our customers respond.  Knowing where your social media audiences are located helps your business grow. Google Analytics is one tool that helps you analyze who your visitors are and where they are coming from. It is important to look into the free tools like mention, Hootsuite, TweetDeck.

Social networks are one of the best tools for growth when used the right way. 

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