Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips

As the use of Instagram influencer marketing continues to increase, so does its value to marketers. Here are some trends and tips to consider before incorporating Instagram influencer marketing into your digital strategy.

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Authenticity is Key

When developing an Instagram influencer marketing strategy, it is essential to select influencers whose personal brand and audience complement the client’s brand. To profit from an influencer’s perceived credibility and trust, it must be conceivable to the audience that she uses and supports a product or brand. Consumers, especially generation Z, are increasingly placing value on authentic content that “fits the feed.” ¬†They don’t respond well to overly salesy pitches. While influencers are legally required to disclose ads, you want to make sure that partnership content looks and feels organic.

Speaking Up

The world has drastically changed over the last year, and consumers are now demanding brands and influencers to take a stand on previously taboo political and social topics. Influencers are no longer remaining silent on social injustices like the Black Lives Matter movement and are using their Nastia Liukin, influencer marketingplatforms to vocalize support and take action. During the nationwide Black Lives Matter Protests last summer, Olympic gold medalist and social media influencer Nastia Liukin revised her sponsored content and opted to promote black-owned businesses. She also donated some of her proceeds to the cause. Brands must keep their fingers on the pulse of world happenings and adjust their Instagram influencer marketing content accordingly to avoid appearing tone-deaf to consumers.

Short-Form Video

The value of short-form video is increasing in Instagram influencer marketing strategy as consumer attention spans dwindle. Influencers have turned to Instagram Stories to post quick, disappearing video content to capture their audience’s eyes. Branded, influencer-created short-form video content from makeup tutorials to workouts have proven to be a successful Instagram influencer marketing tactic. It gives followers easy to digest content while seamlessly flowing with the influencer’s feed.

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