Business’ online exposure and reviews

Customer online reviews contribute to a consumer’s decision. They comfort them that they made the right choice. That’s why online reviews are crucial for customers and your business. However, responding to these reviews is even more important for good business visibility.

The impact of reviews

Why responding to an online review?

By responding to reviews, a business can strengthen customer engagement. Online customer reviews, good or bad, refer to a specific experience: Was the service good and fast?  Was the place clean? Was the staff friendly?

How can you take advantage of these reviews? Only by commenting on them! Indeed, every company, brand, or business should respond to reviews. It’s the best way to interact with your customers and keep them engaged. A business should even consider doing it if the review is negative. 

The easiest way to engage with reviewers immediately is with Google My Business. Responding to online reviews increases your customers’ trust. They can see that you are concerned and that humanizes your online presence. 

positives and negatives reviews

Sometimes, a thoughtful reply can change the business’ rating. Furthermore, by responding to a negative review you can make amends and turn a bad experience into a second chance. In this video,, Neil Patel shares helpful tips to respond to negative online reviews.

How to reply?

respond to an online review

First of all, let’s talk about what not to do! Don’t post fake reviews. A business can lose so much more by using them instead of taking the official route and being patient. That guarantees your business strong visibility. In order to get good reviews and improve a business’s exposure, the first thing one can do is to provide excellent service. 

The second thing to do is respond to these reviews by staying honest and open to criticism. The previous paragraph explains why responding to reviews is crucial for an online presence. We will now examine how your response can impact your business’ online exposure. 

If a business receives a positive review, you should reinforce the feeling by responding to the review. For that consider including these 3 basics in your response: 

  1. Thank the customer for taking the time to draft a review
  2. Mention something new coming, like a new meal, a new service, an event, or an offer
  3. Your tone should be engaging, and not too commercial

On the other hand, if your business gets a negative review, you have to rebuild trust. That’s why, when you reply, you should: 

  1. Be open! Because a stated problem can be solved
  2. Mention an immediate actionable correction
  3. Make a public response that lets customers know you care
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