A Social Media Platform Breakdown

Unsure which social media platform to use for your business or personal needs? Here is a complete breakdown dissecting each social media channel and how to best apply it. 


This particular social media application is quick quips and conversational. If you’re a business entity with a Twitter account, allow yourself and your brand to have a personality. Delve into the value and purpose of who the brand is and utilize Twitter as a social media platform for quick and fun content to share. Tweets should be often and most importantly, relevant and in the moment. Stay up to date with what is happening in the world, be creative and share your thoughts on the social media platform in a timely, creative way. 


When Facebook came onto the scene in 2004, the social media platform was the first of its kind to enable its users to share more personally. The social channel encouraged engagement and activity. As an organization, think of your Facebook account as a family. Your followers are invested, devoted customers who visit your page because they are looking for updates, events or looking to see what your business is up to. Share business updates employee achievements, awards the brand has won and articles praising or rewarding your company for industry wins. Facebook is the social media platform where it can be all about the business. 

Instagram Popular social media platform, Instagram launched in 2010.

This social media platform incorporates so many elements and allows your organization content options. The visual element of this social media channel is essential. Have your social media team create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, relevant content to coincide with the brand personality and culture. Utilize Instagram stories, videos and reels. According to a study, 63% of Instagram and Snapchat users watch stories on both platforms daily. Create graphics and moving images. Incorporate a call to action. One of the best features on Instagram is swipe up links in stories. This feature also allows you the ability to see who is engaging with your content and what content is most popular with your followers. Most importantly, tell your audience a story. Use the images on your brand’s feed to tell the story of the brand. 

Every social media platform is meant for a different purpose. The best way to get as much as you can out of a social media channel is to explore and be consistent. Continue to be active daily and engage with other brands in your industry. Stay up to date on trends. To be successful at anything you must practice. Social media platforms are no different. Practice your social skills and your brand’s social channels could go viral.

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