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Tik-Tok on Phonr

Is Tik-Tok Right For Your Brand?

It is okay to admit that you initially thought Tik-Tok would only be around for a couple of months. However, 800 million users later and the social platform is a creator’s paradise. Tik-Tok has evolved into the premier place for innovative content and fast followings. The platform has become the place for quick news, life hacks, and introspective thinking. So your brand or organization has to hop on as quickly as possible right? Consider these things before you create your account. 

Is Your Brand’s Audience on Tik-Tok? 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a diverse range of ages flocked to Tik-Tok at an accelerated pace. A contrast from previous apps like Instagram and Facebook. Tik-Tok is not just reserved just for Generation Z. According to REQ Marketing, the percentage of 25- to 34-year-olds on the platform grew from 22.4 percent to 27.4 percent while 35- to 44-year-olds increased from 13.9 percent to 17.1 percent. So ask yourself if your target market is even interested in Tik-Tok. If they are over 35, they might not engage with Tik-Tok long enough to be worth the time. 

Can You Make Quality Tik-Tok Content for Your Brand?  

Content creation takes time and skill. Many brands are stretched thin between multiple platforms, print and web advertising, media placements, and more. It is important to assess the workload and skills of your team because if you are going to push your audience to a platform, the content needs to be of value.

Before You Sign On, Establish Your Goals

Tik-Tok works best when brands do not take themselves too seriously. At its heart, brands can build an awareness. It allows them to easily showcase your products or services and hop on fast growing trends. While Tik-Tok is not the first stop for a conversion, It will keep your brand top of mind.

Importance of Video Content

This blog post is breaking down three major reasons why video content is the best way to promote your organization or product. There are a million options, but video content will is the best investment. 

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Business’ online exposure and reviews

Customer online reviews contribute to a consumer’s decision. They comfort them that they made the right choice. That’s why online reviews are crucial for customers and your business. However, responding to these reviews is even more important for good business visibility.

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Instagram Algorithm Feed

Three Tips to Conquer the Instagram Algorithm

n a perfect world, great Instagram content would garner followers and likes worth all the painstaking effort that went into creating it. From shooting and editing the perfect shot and crafting that witty, but the subtle caption, the ultimate goal is to achieve the metrics that lead to happy clients. However, creating great content is just the beginning. There is an inherent science to tackling the Instagram algorithm. Below are the top three ways to conquer the algorithm for any client. 

Engagement is the Epicenter

Reputation X, an online reputation management blog, shares that only 10% of audiences see the intended content. To reach the other 90% you must engage through comments, whether on a feed or through stories. The Instagram algorithm honors accounts that invest in adding to the conversation. Another tip is to create authentic content of value. This will garner likes and shares to push your message to multiple audiences.

Consistency is the Key to Curation

A goal of the Instagram algorithm is to create a curated experience. It goes beyond following and takes a deep dive into what accounts a user has liked and shared historically. It feeds users content that they want to see and information that they find valuable. So how does your client end up on the coveted list? Consistency. Using platforms like Later will help your client stay top of mind ( well, top of feed). 

Time is Money and Engagement

Although Instagram has moved away from chronological order, time still matters to the algorithm. It still wants to show followers the latest in the content that interests them, especially those that do not use the platform less frequently. The Instagram algorithm wants to show infrequent users the highlights. The best tip for mastering this Instagram element is to take a deep dive into your analytics to see when the bulk of your audience is actively engaged.

Create a LinkedIn Business Page

Create a LinkedIn business page to expand your brand awareness.  Do not let your company get left behind. Launch your LinkedIn Business Page today.

LinkedIn Business


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Instagram Influencer Marketing Tips

As the use of Instagram influencer marketing continues to increase, so does its value to marketers. Here are some trends and tips to consider before incorporating Instagram influencer marketing into your digital strategy.

influencer marketing

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Social Media Platforms for Business


With numerous social media platforms, businesses need to determine which are best for them. Here are three of the most popular.

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Social Media Growth Hacks in 2021

social media hacks in 2021

Social media growth hacks are very important to know as PR Experts. With the pandemic upon us and everyone at home, the attention span of your customers is less than 12 seconds, and you want them to keep their focus on you a little longer than that.  

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Pinterest Story Pins, A New Opportunity For Marketers

Pinterest is the latest social media platform to introduce a story feature. Pinterest Story pins are also the biggest update allowing users to share inspirations and ideas.

A step-by-step recipe in stories pin

Why Pinterest Story Pins are a big deal?

Story Pins are a new way for creators to share content with their audiences on Pinterest. But why it’s such a big deal? Because they are different than other story platforms. 

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A Social Media Platform Breakdown

Unsure which social media platform to use for your business or personal needs? Here is a complete breakdown dissecting each social media channel and how to best apply it. 

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