Social Media Impacts on Dance: Greater Access & Growing Opportunities

Social media has had a huge influence on the dance industry in the past few years because it created a new avenue to showcase and express the art of dance. All levels of the craft can see the impact of social media on the dance industry.  Social media is revolutionary for dancers because it brings performers out of the background and into the spotlight. These are a few overarching trends of the impact of social media on the dance industry.  

Impacts of Social Media on the Dance Industry

Social Media Democratizes Dance

One of the significant impacts of social media in the dance industry is the democratization of dance. Social media democratizes dance because it grants a broader scope of access to performance opportunities and training. As a result, with the ease and accessibility of social media young dancers do not always have to rely on industry gatekeepers to pursue their craft. Barriers such as the financial burden of classes, location of studios, and dancer stereotypes have hindered performers in the past. Social media therefore opens the door and democratizes opportunities for people to participate in dance. 

Facilitates the Rise of Dance Influencers

The rise of dance influencers has been one of the impacts of social media on the dance industry. Online dance videos became popular around the year 2013. As a result, studios like Millennium and The Playground host weekly classes that produce multiple viral videos.  Aspiring dancers flock to these classes weekly to train and gain popularity. Dancers can become self-sustaining artists through social media channels. These videos highlight the raw environment of a studio class without fancy costumes or productions. Dance influencers can supplement their income through sponsored deals and promotions that engage and inspire niche markets due to their popularity. Social media has become part of a dancer’s resume, and this has helped advance the careers of many dancers worldwide. 

Promotes a Deeper Appreciation for the Process

Social media allows dancers and dance companies to grant behind the scenes access to their process. Dancers and dance companies are in unique situations to position themselves as experts in their discipline through the proper use of social media. Sharing behind the scenes footage from rehearsals, auditions, backstage, can help followers of dance companies to feel as though they are insiders. This type of content increases engagement and grows dance social media followings. Increased visual digital communication is one of the profound impacts of social media on the dance industry. This is important because it takes the audience places they could not reach before.  This promotes a deeper appreciation of the process of dance beyond what happens on stage. 

Ultimately the impact of social media on the dance industry is a positive change for dancers, industry professionals, and companies. The entire art form of dance grows with the spread of a new appreciation for the art through more content available to audiences. In the end, the impact of social media on the dance industry is positive and a new era in the landscape of this performing art. 

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