LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

LinkedIn mistakes to avoid.

Today, LinkedIn is used as a universal online networking tool, and often seen as a alternative to resumes. However, don’t take cold comfort just because you happen to have a LinkedIn account. Like an actual resume, it’s important to actual tend for it and update it. Here are some mistakes to avoid for your LinkedIn profile.

Lack of Summary

Have you ever been caught in an elevator with a coworker or professional you haven’t met, engage in small talk, and have trouble pitching yourself? The good news is that the online equivalent – the LinkedIn summary about yourself – doesn’t have to be recited or memorized. The bad news is that oftentimes LinkedIn summaries are of poor quality or even nonexistent. Do not overlook this. Try to at least use 40 words to describe yourself and career goals.

Weak or Lack of Photos

Your LinkedIn header and profile picture often make first impressions. If you don’t have a header and profile photograph, it will tell potential employers you’re too lazy to change them yourselves. Or even worse: people will think you’re a bot, and that’s how to get completely ignored online.

For your header, go online and find a worthy stock image or graphic that best speaks your personality and industry. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but don’t leave it blank. Your profile picture needs to be a well-shot photo of yourself, preferably smiling. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or dapper, just don’t use a logo or invite your pets in the shot.

Far Too Few Recommendations

You can make the best LinkedIn profile, but it doesn’t mean anything if nobody believes you. People want to trust you on your word, so what better way to obtain that trust by getting others’ praise? If you don’t have any recommendations, nobody is going to take your profiles seriously.

The first step takes time, but be sure to give out your own recommendations to your fellow coworkers. Don’t expect for anything in return immediately, because eventually your coworkers will naturally start doing the same. When the time is right, there will come a time when you can ask for recommendations. If you’re a hard worker and generally well-liked, people will be more than willing to help you out. It not only helps you, but makes them look good too. A win-win scenario.

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