Video Tips for Social Media.

The Importance of Video Content. 

Did you know that individuals on average spend 144 minutes or two hours and twenty-four minutes per day exploring social media channels and an average of 16 hours of online video content is consumed per week? Considering these staggering statistics, let’s examine the importance of using video content within your social media strategy and explore five tips to consider when creating video content.

I bet you are wondering what benefits video content has when analyzing your marketing goals. Well, video content can increase your profitability, give perspective to products and services, showcase user experience and even help reduce questions that your staff may answer regularly. Below are five video tips to consider when making a video…

Instagram and Facebook icons with a center picture of a video on a mobile device.

Implement videos into your social media strategy.

Five Video Tips for Social Media:

  • Keep your thoughts clear, direct and brief
  • Mention your purpose in the beginning. Provide content upfront.
    • Did you know that you have a 10-second window before your audience moves onto the next thought or idea?
  • Incorporate behind the scenes or process footage.
    • If you are sharing this type of content be intentional. People love engaging material that is raw, real and personal. Who doesn’t love best-kept secrets or an insider scoop?  
  • Add a call to action. 
    • Ask your followers to repost, share, follow, like, shop or learn more from your unique and creative content. This application really has the ability to grow your brand or company footprint and social engagement. 
  • Add subtitles or summarize your thoughts and place text captions into all videos. 
    • The world is a diverse place. Everyone wants to feel included, therefore consider individuals from all pockets of social media. Including these captions for followers who are from foreign countries as well as for those from the hearing impaired community. Not only will text add an extra layer of content for all viewers, but it will also engage with individuals who come from different channels within your audience.

Videos can completely transform your brand strategy in seconds. Not only are videos engaging, but they also provide content that is quick and informative. I hope these video tips were helpful and allow you to create content that is consistent, creative and unique to your brand. Have fun and enjoy making those videos!

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