Emotions in digital marketing

Internet has facilitated everyone’s existence. And when applying emotions in digital marketing, it can bring numerous positive results for the brands.

emotions in digital marketing
Emotions in digital marketing

For that reason, this world is full of marketing noise, brands competing to get consumers’ attention. However, consumers are becoming more selective on the information they want to get. This is one of the reasons why brands are turning around to emotional marketing, to ensure their product connects in a deeper way with their audience, opening a channel of communication and keeping their preference/loyalty.

Emotional marketing

Emotional marketing refers to marketing and advertising efforts that primarily use emotion to make your audience notice, remember, share, and buy. Emotional marketing typically taps into a singular emotion, like happiness, sadness, anger, or fear, to elicit a consumer response.

4 basic pillars

Emotional bond

The main objective is to generate that positive emotional bonding between the brand and the consumer, in a way the consumer trusts and feels the product or service is adding value to their lives.

Love mark

The ultimate goal of using emotions in digital marketing is to become the most loved brand in the market space. Therefore, understanding what reactions the product will communicate to the consumer will determine how close the brand is from becoming a love mark.

Quality Experience

This doesn’t mean that brands have to use emotions to get audience’s attention but creating experiences that are significant to the consumers. This is where innovation comes to help differentiate in the market.

Native Content

Nowadays is important to have good content as part of the marketing strategy to ensure its relevancy within the social platforms and tactics used. The success will depend on how effective the conceptualization and planning process is to have a clear idea of what type of emotions the message will convey.

Investing on understanding emotions in digital marketing will get brands closer to consumers, this can be done by having a good storytelling in place and applying neuro-marketing to use the right behavioral techniques.   

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