Business Brand – Ways to make it impactful

Having a brand means having the essentials; the actual design elements behind your business & your voice & messaging. You should ask yourself, “How do you want your audience to feel when they come across your business?” Is your brand portraying that message?

“Experience” is an all encompassing term for your brand. It can mean how they resonate with your social media & content, or how your packaging caught their attention, or even how they describe your business when they recommend your business to their friends.

A solid experience with your brand is what makes your audience loyal, trusting, and ready to purchase and recommend to their friends.

1. Have a clear business voice and message.

Your voice is the essentially the “conversation” that your business has with your audience. In order to make your voice clear, you’ll need to first decide the general route you’ll want to go down: are you going to be professional or more laid-back? Once you’ve figured out general direction, you can start getting more specific with description words. Create a word map with all of the descriptive words you want your audience to recognize your business as. Use this word map for your website copy, your Instagram captions, your blog posts, your product imagery. However you come up with your word map, it’s important that you stay true to it.

2. Have a complete brand system, not just a logo.

 Logo variations, design elements, patterns, a color palette, and typography choices all go into how your brand is perceived by your audience. People don’t fall in love with a logo, they fall in love with how your brand makes them feel. The design process should consider your target audience, your business goals, your industry competition, and your ultimate vision. Investing into your brand will give you the clarity and the confidence that you will need in order go from successful to flourishing.

3. Have a stunning presentation

This mainly applies to product based businesses, but should still be considered with any business in general. A stunning presentation means that you’ve considered how your audience will visualize your product or service in their lives. Your presentation is what stops your ideal customers and makes them say “I need this.” It starts with your packaging, printed/digital materials, and is elevated by product photography.  We live in a visual world, full of Pinterest, Instagram, and advertisements. Your brand needs to stand out in the right way and inspire your ideal audience. Remember the word map that you used to find your voice, and the mood board that inspired the vision behind your brand? Use these resources to create a vibe for your product photography (or stock photography if you’re a service based business) so it can fit seamlessly into your business as a whole.

While these three things can all be considered alone, in order to create lasting impactful brand on your audience, it’s important to consider everything together.

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