Using Facebook Groups for Business in 2020

This year Facebook will air their first Superbowl commercial pushing involvement in Facebook Groups. Using Facebook groups for business purposes is a strong way to increase engagement with customers. Facebook’s focus on promoting groups is not a new trend. In 2018 Facebook adjusted algorithms to limit content from advertisers and increase interaction between friends and social connections. At the 2019 F8 Summit Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook will work to make online communities as close as online friends.  

What does this mean for companies using Facebook groups for business purposes? Companies with a Facebook presence should make sure they are using Facebook pages and groups effectively in their online strategy. Here are tips on how to use Facebook groups for business as well as Facebook pages. 

Facebook Pages & Groups for Business
Businesses can benefit from using a combination of pages and groups on Facebook.

Facebook Pages

To use Facebook groups for business companies must start with learning about Facebook pages. According to Facebook, pages were created to be official profiles for business, public figures, and organizations. Facebook pages are public and function similarly to a personal Facebook profile for a business. Pages are great for businesses because they have paid advertising, analytics, and a place to interact with customers. Pages also allow administrators to control and curate content and post relevant information for users. Facebook has thousands of pages and reach large audiences and businesses can easily create pages to interact with customers.  Facebook pages are an official source for news and information about businesses that fans can easily access. A successful use for a company Facebook Page would be as a source for information and first hand content put out by the company on a regular basis including posts, pictures, company updates, and company news. A challenge for Facebook pages is encouraging customer interaction. Using pages is the first step to using Facebook groups for business. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a space where users can connect in a discussion-based format around common interests. Groups are different than pages because they are centered around group member dialogue. Facebook Groups can be public or private and are controlled by moderators. Peloton is a great example of a company using Facebook groups for business to encourage users to form a community around working out with their product. Companies who succeed at using groups within Facebook find the fine line between allowing free conversation and working hard behind the scenes to make sure dialogue is thriving. Too much input from a company from a group can drive people away but not enough company involvement can make the group less relevant and focused. One challenge for Facebook Groups from a marketing standpoint would be the need to moderate to maintain relevance while still allowing freedom of conversation.

Using Pages & Groups Together

Facbook pages have the options to include Facebook groups for business. Using a business Facebook page and attaching a Facebook group is the best way to use Facbook groups for business. This is a good strategy to keep the main point of information the Facebook page while deepening engagement with Facebook groups. Looking ahead to 2020 Facebook Groups are on track to make an impact on the digital marketing landscape. Using a blend of pages and groups in social strategies should be considered for businesses looking to increase their engagement on Facebook.


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