How AR is Boosting Retail Engagement and Sales

Social media channels continue to push the envelope. From user interfacing to shoppable innovations these modes of technology continue to rapidly evolve. As each platform races to gain a larger followings technological advancements such as, Augmented Reality (AR) continues to gain traction. Brands and social media channels continue to work together to boost brand loyalty and profitability. Today, online sales and digital apps continue to drive market demands. The desire for experiences that address immediate gratification is a must. Augmented Reality appears to be gaining traction and is not going anywhere but up! 

“Seeing is Believing”

“Seeing is believing,” so they say. Social media channels and brands alike are exploring this concept as they launch augmented reality within their apps. Companies such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and most recently Pinterest have all added AR features starting with products such as lipstick and sunglass. Not only are social media brands engaging with this feature, but also brands such as Warby Parker, MAC and NARS Cosmetics are working with this tool to sell their products. 

Augmented Reality Added by Pinterest

Each month 320 million active members use Pinterest. January 28th, 2020 Pinterest introduced augmented reality with the creation of Try On. With an introduction of lipstick and skin tones that consumers can explore Pinterest hopes to grow into new segments of business. They hope to capitalize on the idea that creating an AR experience that celebrates the “authentic you” (Link to Pinterest page) is worth the more brand engagement and advance retail marketing. 

Pinterest adds a new augmented reality and shoppable application.

Captured by your iOS or Android device in real-time consumers can “try on” different products. Lipstick shades or eye glass frames are applied to a live photo of your face where you can virturally explore options. This technology has proven that it is here to stay as returns have decrased and sales have increased. Check out Pinterest to learn more.

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