Creative Tips for your Instagram Stories

I don’t know about you, but I could spend hours going down Instagram rabbit holes! However, in reality, the average Instagram users spends only 53 minutes per day on this platform. Considering that time is limited and content matters lets examine some creative tips that can help enhance your Instagram Stories and make them stand out above the rest! 

Do Instagram Stories Matter?

Every month 1 billion users access Instagram while 500 million individuals access this platform daily. For this reason, brand engagement with an audience is now more important than ever! As brands and individuals fight for your time and money it is important to keep your content consistent, engaging, interactive and unique. Below are 5 ways to help you create unique Instagram stories.  

5 Tips to success:

1) Content is key

To make your Instagram stories original, but also stay consistent with your brands’ image use the customizable color features for your text and backgrounds.

Color Gradient Options

Color Gradient Options – Change the Color of your Text.

2) Show your process

Everyone loves a behind the scene glimpse into the daily lives of others. Use photos or live videos to engage your audience with current process content to help engage with your audience. Give tours of your office, behind the scenes of a project your company or team might be working on or even live footage from guest speakers or conferences you might attend. Keep your content relevant to your brand, interactive and engaging!

Live Instagram Video Stream

3) Hashtags, Geofilters, & Stickers

Using customizible hashtages (#), geofilters and stickers throughout your Instagram stories helps to drive people who may not follow your to your account as well as create engagement. This is a great way to get new eyes on your company or brand and create awareness. These three tools allow the Instagram world to engage with your content while giving a specific location or allowing individuals to ask quetions or answer a poll. These thee tools can really help pull new followers to your feed.  

4) Quizzes & Q&A’s

Polls and Q&A IG Story
Polls and Q&A’s Sticker Options

4) Share Your Followers DM’s

If you are engaing with your audience with the poll and Q&A stickers another way to boost engagement is to share your responses back through your stories. This creates more impressions as your followers will want to check back into see how others responded. 

5) Repost your feed post to your Instagram Stories

Another way you can engage with your followers and insure more footprints is reposting your feed posts to your stories. This allows viewers to see content twice and also allows them to click through your story post to your actual Instagram feed. Here there is a larger chance that the audience will now engage with other posts on your feed.

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