5 reasons you’re ready for rebrand

Your brand is the face and voice of your company, and when the two are no longer aligned and your business has effectively outgrown its image, it’s time for a rebrand. – Forbes

Some businesses reflect at the end of the year on what worked & what didn’t work. They also go through goals & improvements to make in the new year.   You can reflect any time on what is working in your business, it is important to look at every aspect of your business with an open-mind & unbiased perspective. One of the worst mistakes businesses make is sticking with the if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it attitude. Think of the opportunities & possibilities that can come from change. If you’re reflecting on your business – take these reasons for a rebrand into consideration!

You only have a logo

Your business deserves more than just a logo.  Your audience doesn’t remember your logo – they remember how they feel when they interact with you & your brand. Does the logo cover the tone of voice you will use when you speak to your audience? The colors/fonts that will be used on your website to invoke a certain vibe? A complete brand identity covers everything that you need for clarity in all aspects of your business. Having this clarity gives you the confidence to maintain your brand efficiently! 

You feel a disconnect with your current brand

Having a brand that doesn’t feel natural to you can throw off the way that you interact with it. You might be embarrassed to give your website information out or maybe you have no clue what to say when you write an Instagram post. A disconnect between you & your brand can cause you to feel uninspired and confused, which only negatively impacts your business. This is a big reason why a rebrand could be necessary. 

You’ve had your current brand for a while.

Change is natural, and change is necessary. Sometimes it’s not a total revamp, but being able to take some time to reflect on your brand, your audience, & your business in relation to each other every now & again is important.

You’ve changed your business goals

Similarly to reflecting on your audience, you should always reflect on your business goals when thinking about your brand. Determining your goals might sway which elements we focus on during the design phase. Whether that be focussing on the amount of logo variations, or maybe putting more emphasis on the brand marks.  It’s important to make strategic creative decisions crafting your brand in order to ensure that it is successful moving forward.

Be Confident

It is important no matter what stage in your business to feel completely confident in it.  Is it embarrassing to give out your business cards? Do you catch yourself telling people that your website was just something you threw together? Are you not feeling inspiration to post? If one or more of these topics resonates with you – you could be ready for a rebrand!

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