Tips on using IGTV

Say hello to vertical TV. Instagram launched IGTV in 2018, competing with YouTube for video content. I will share with you a few tips on how to use IGTV for you brand to drive engagement.

Vertical TV

Where Youtube brings you horizontal video content, IGTV is all about being vertical. It’s quite normal to hold your phone vertically when texting, answering emails, and surfing the web. With IGTV, you don’t have to change the orientation of the phone in hand. You can now view full screen videos vertically.  

Capturing quality video

Most mobile devices record HD quality video. To take it up a notch. Invest in lenses for your mobile device. There are a variety of lenses such as wide angle and zoom. Here are a few to consider.

Also, purchase a lapel mic. You wouldn’t want your followers hearing crappy audio.

Lastly, buy a stabilizer or place your phone on a tripod. Watching shakey content isn’t that pleasant. Lighting is a must. You can find a nice window with lots of natural light shining in or you can purchase a ring light.

Create a series

Give weekly tips on how to apply makeup. Talk about real estate every Wednesday. Teach people how to make their resumes are ATS compliant. These are examples of what kind of content you can create. Be sure to be consistent..

Go behind the scenes

Showing the day in the life content allows your followers into your world. It gives them a back seat ride of your vision. You also can use this platform to be interviewed or interview people involved with your project.

Video editing software

Here is a list of editing softwares for smartphones

      1. iMovie
      1. Adobe Premiere Rush
      1. VidLab
    1. Quik

Final Thoughts

Understanding how important quality is will help solidify your brand with your audience. Purchasing the necessary equipment.  IGTV is a platform where you can create 10 minutes to 60 minutes worth of vertical content that will drive engagement with your audience.

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