Social Media Open Engagement Strategy: To Build Brand and Consumer Camaraderie

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Wouldn’t you love to hang out with your friend and get all the sneak peek into what is happening around in their life? Wouldn’t it be great if that friend is your favorite brand? Social media open engagement strategy is like a priority backstage pass for your consumers to get to know you better. Consumers get all access by just visiting your brand’s page. Social media open engagement is one of the most widely approved strategies to convert consumers to your counterparts. Also, referred to as “insidering” or behind-the-scenes. Let us explore the key benefits of this strategy.

Enhances The Trust In Your Brand

Trust is integral to build a tone and sustaining relationship. According to a study in the UK, 42% of consumers distrust brands and 69% distrust advertising. Therefore consumers are distancing themselves from brands and viewing the power of brands and their communication with cynicism. Social media open engagement strategy enables brands to garner consumer’s trust by taking them with them to show the behind the scene life.

Humanizes Your Brand

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Humanizes your brand

Social media open engagement makes your brand friendlier and more human. More than just communicating one way, humanizing your brand on social media allows for a more engaged two-way communication. A popular way to do this is to work with a trusted influencer who can show your brand in action in everyday lifestyle. It gives the brand and tone and voice that is easily relatable to the common consumer.

Makes Your Brand An Open Book

People who stay with you through your ebb and flow tend to continue being on your side for a long time. Being open and transparent is one of the prime benefits of social media open enggement strategy. Consumers appreciate brands that own up to their mistakes or difficulties. However even more important is to be responsive and quick to fix it. Brands can have an honest interaction on social media and take time to respond to consumer concerns in an individualistic manner rather than a stereotyped response. This not only enhances the brand trust but also encourage consumers to forgive and forget any bad experiences if handled well. 

Consumers buy into a brand because they love the product and service or brand experience. Social media open engagement strategy is a powerful way to enhance the overall brand experience at a more personal level. It is a steady path to build a brand and consumer camaraderie. Don’t let your brand get drowned into the social media shout outs. Let your brand be the one that the consumers would love to tuck into a couch with and spend long hours having a deep and engaged conversation, just like they would with referred.

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