Maximize your LinkedIn page for a maximum return

Are you ignoring LinkedIn? In our world of visual storytelling, taking the time to maximize your LinkedIn page is a free career investment. Today, LinkedIn is more than a digital resume—It’s a place to tell your professional story.

Employers rely on LinkedIn for an accurate snapshot of potential team members. Moreover, B2B users consider LinkedIn a mandatory platform for marketing efforts. Users can humanize skills in a professional environment using video, photos and original blogs.   

With 45 percent of LinkedIn users in upper management, you never know who is checking your page.  Consider these areas as you build a plan to maximize your LinkedIn page.

Social audit

Review your current page for any gaps in information. This includes work and education history, website URLs, and any skills acquired since your last profile update. Your page should include a profile photo and a cover photo.

Competitive analysis

Find LinkedIn users who are doing it right, and study their approach. Identify strengths and weaknesses of your visibility compared to the competition, and look for opportunities to engage with other industry professionals.

Conversation scan

Engagement is easier on LinkedIn when you’re familiar with the topics. Monitor conversations within your industry to keep yourself in the loop. Identify opportunities to find the answer to a problem. Use these conversations to bring more of your community to your page.

Content / posting plan

A consistent profile is a healthy profile. You should share or post to your page regularly; however, it is not necessary to post to LinkedIn every day. Consider choosing one topic from your conversation scan each week, and then find an article or write a blog to generate conversation.

While content is king on any platform, your LinkedIn content should shine. Engagement can enhance your page, but your content should stand alone in highlighting your career and abilities.  

If your profile needs a makeover or you are building your page from the ground, consider Hootsuite’s nine ways to keep your LinkedIn page fresh. Revisit these steps each time you update your page for polished, customized portfolio.

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