Is your Social Media Strategy working?

Keeping track of analytics is the best way to know if your social media strategy is working.

Above all, you need to figure out what your business needs from social media.

For some businesses, sales are important; others need to increase brand awareness.

social media strategy

One of the best way to bring success to your company, is choosing the right social media analytics tool, depending on your business goals.

Having a lot of followers and likes is great, however, tracking audience reach and engagement is even more important.

There are a lot of specialized social media analytics tools. If you are not sure which tool you need, take a look at Keyhole’s list with the top 25 social media analytics tools.

Some social networks provide analytics within their platform. Here are some of them.

Free Social Media Analytics Reports

Google Analytics provides traffic sources, audience, demographic, and time and location your followers visit.

Facebook Insights platform displays page likes, page views, and, post reach.

Page owners can check when fans are online, posts engagement, and how well their paid ads are working.

Instagram Insights are only available through the Instagram app.

Instagram users can get profiles visits and overall reach, plus individual post reach, website clicks, and saved posts.

Twitter Analytics provides a monthly summary with your number of tweets, tweet impressions, mentions and new followers (or unfollows).

You can also see some tweet highlights like the top follower, top mentions and, top tweet.

Pinterest just upgraded their People You Reach Report to the new Audience Insights Report. You can choose between your total audience or your engagement audience.

It shows the most popular categories and related interests, age and gender distribution, location and devices used for each audience.

YouTube Analytics shows engagement, traffic source, and subscription status.

Users can create a YouTube analytics group, adding up to two hundred videos, playlists, etc to see their performance.

Metrics like views, watch time of your videos, etc, are some of the playlist metrics available on YouTube analytics.

In conclusion, these are just some of the free tools you can use to check your business social media strategy.

Select the best tool depending on what works for your business needs.

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