Instagram and Snapchat Stories

This generation is obsessed with “story-ing.” Anyone ages 14 to 25 constantly update their stories.


These are instant posts. They show what you are doing at that exact moment. If you do a regular post on Facebook or Instagram like uploading a photo, others can’t be sure that it is from that day, that moment when you post it.

However, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook stories are all taken at the time shown or within 24 hours of a follower watching it.

Not only, but also Millennial’s and Generation Z & Y often have “FOMO,” or fear of missing out. The “story” concept keeps them up to date. It leaves your followers constantly in the know of what is going on with their friends and followers at that time.

Now, Posting on your story can be used for various other purposes. Besides just showing what you are currently doing, some users use stories to:

  1. Post advertisements like
    1. new beauty products
    2. grand openings of bars and restaurants
    3. clothing lines you are partnering with

  1. Promote a charity
  2. Bring awareness about current activities or events coming up in your city
  3. Celebrate a holiday
  4. Show your location

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