Hashtags and Small Businesses

Hashtags tell stories and build brand associations. They connect social media users to other people, places and brands. To be effective, small businesses must first do their research then integrate them into content plans. This is important because hashtags increase visibility and provide relevancy.

Instagram Hashtags

Hashtag Use Across Platforms

On Twitter, hashtags associate tweets with relevant topics and events. Feeds update by the second, so as a result content quickly resonates with audiences. Consequently, small businesses can insert themselves into trending topics and gain relevancy.

People search hashtags to find desired content. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn allow users to both search and follow them. As a result, small businesses can gain better visibility with target audiences.

How to Use Hashtags

Simplicity is key to an effective social media content plan. However, generic content misses the target audience. Small businesses must know who they want to speak to and what they want to say. Effective content plans incorporate both relevant and unique content.

  • Do the research. Search hashtags across all applicable social media platforms. Identify who uses them and the type of content they share then adapt the content plan.
  • Focus on relevancy. Use keywords the target audience searches and uses. Search and follow these hashtags to guide content creation.
  • Be unique. Logos and slogans are essential to a brand. Similarly, unique hashtags digitally establish a brand. Keep it simple and use them consistently across platforms.

Tools and Resources

There are many helpful tools that provide hashtag analysis across platforms. Use these tools in conjunction with manual searches on social media platforms.

  • Hashtagify
  • RiteTag
  • Keyhole
  • Pixlee

Use the quantitative and qualitative analysis to build an integrated marketing and branding strategy. Most importantly, keep focus on the target audience. Use hashtags to first connect audiences to the content, then immerse them in relevant content.

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