5 Best Apps for The Mobile Digital Media Professional

Whether you are a reporter, journalist, social media expert, or blogger, content is vital. From phone conversation to trends on social media, you want your audience to receive the best content catered to their interests. As a digital guru, you are always on the go trying to find the right content and pinpointing contacts. Don’t miss important information because you don’t have access to the right tools. Here are the best 5 apps for the mobile digital media professional.

1. TapeACall, Best App for Reporters

call recorder app for digital media professionals tapeacall

With a click of a button you can quickly start recording phone conversations on the go. There is no time length maximum and you can even record a 3-way call. You can record outbound and inbound calls and easily share when you are done. This is a great app when interviewing a contact on the phone for an article, blog, or podcast. Learn more here.

2. Google Drive

Share content to your team for easy editing. You can create spreadsheets, lists, articles, and everyone on your team can make edits real time. Create a folder of assignments due or a folder with images a group has collected for a certain story. The possibilities are endless with the best apps for digital media professionals.

3. Hootsuite, Best App for Social Media Experts

You can schedule your social media content on the go with the Hootsuite app. IF you have an account with Hootsuite, you can download the app and schedule your posts, publish, and monitor conversations from anywhere. Hootsuite is a great social content management system that allows you to also follow relevant content and trends.

4. Pocket

Save articles, podcast, images, or notes from you mobile device, laptop, or tablet. You can create your own folders with subjects you care about and want to read later. It has a simple and organized interface for easy navigation and reading. When you are on the go and see an article you want to read later, add it to your Pocket. Check out this review.

5. WhatsApp

whatsapp for digital media professionals

WhatsApp lets you connect with anyone in the world as long as they have the app and a wireless network. You can have a group of coworkers going to communicate business even when they are traveling. If you have a SME across the world you want to interview, you can easily connect with them via WhatsApp, one of the best apps for digital media professionals.

New apps are being developed everyday. SO never just settle with one unless it is working for you. Try different apps to suite your work and environment.

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