Are you pitching bloggers and influencers the right way?

Content creators work under pressure to keep their followers entertained. For a lot of them, this is a side job, between their other job responsibilities. Even stay at home mommy bloggers have a busy life, but they set aside some time for blogging.

Public relations professionals should consider this when emailing them to ask them to do stuff, most of the time offering “great exposure” in exchange.

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A lot of PR people fail when trying to reach bloggers and influencers, because of their lack of time or experience to do it.

To have a successful response when pitching content creators, you must learn to convince them to share a story about your brand or product.

It is very important to look for bloggers or influencers that have a niche or cover topics that fit your product and are passionate about it.

Here are some ways to find online influencers in this article from Jay Baer, founder of Convince & Convert.

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Follow these tips to have a successful blogger and influencer outreach:

  • Make sure to find an influencer that resonates with your brand and engages with your readers. Pay attention to personality and style of the writer.
  • Approach influencers directly with a short email to test their response.
  • Write a catchy subject to get the recipient attention.
  • Send a personalized email. Do not start your pitch letter with “Dear Influencer” and do not send bulk emails.
  • Double check an email before send it, including the influencer’s name.
  • Introduce yourself quickly, tell them or remind them who you are.
  • Is there something for the blogger you are pitching to? It could be traffic, influence or cash. Tell them.
  • Motivate content creators to talk about your product, offering them an exclusive story or interview.
  • Write your pitch convincing influencers that your brand are helping them.
  • Value content creators expertise, read about them before reaching out.
  • If you don’t receive a response to your email, don’t keep sending follow up emails.

In conclusion, when pitching influencers or bloggers, remember they receive numerous pitches daily and you have only one chance to impress them. Explain why they are a perfect fit for your product and what you are willing to offer in exchange for their time.

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