2019 Trends in the E-Commerce and Online World

The constant change in the digital world is quite impressive. Trends change, tools and new platforms emerge, at a speed that sometimes frightens. And, although, it is not necessary to be aware of all those changes or apply every new tool that comes out, it is important to learn the trends that are coming, to see which ones can affect and apply to your company.  

Three trends to take into consideration in E-commerce

1. The Gap between M-Commerce and E-Commerce keeps expanding

m-commerce vs. e-commerce sales

It is a trend that we have already seen raising in recent years. In 2017, the number of U.S. mobile sales were 156.28 billion U.S dollars. It is expected that in 2019, the U.S. mobile sales increase to 267.47 billion U.S. dollars.

How does this trend affect us?

Unlike before, we used to design for computer and then adapt for mobile, today we should do it backwards. Because this gap will continue to expand and the percentage of people visiting your store and purchasing from their cell phone will grow.

2. Social Networks as the main channel to generate traffice for your online store

social selling

It is important to create a clear strategy for the social media channels and a strong content plan. A channel where your potential clients discover your brand and come to your online store. This trend is also known as social selling. It is a strategy to find the right people to convert them into long-term customers through social networks.

How does this trend affect us?

Opening an online store and waiting for visitors to arrive without any marketing plan will not work. An online store is not located in a busy physical location, and the only way to bring traffic to the store is with a good marketing strategy.

The potential clients are already in social media channels. Your job is for them to discover your brand and get to know your content, products and services. Prepare your content in advance so you are not asking yourself “what to share/post today?”.

3. The new trend of Micro-influencers


Micro-influencers have less than 100k followers and focus in a particular niche. Micro-influencers provide quality vs quantity. They interact frequently with their audience; hence, they create a bond and a trust because their tribe consider them experts. There has been a significantly increase of hiring micro-influencers since 2015 comparing to influencers with 500k+ followers. This is due to that trust they build with their audience where it will create a boost on sales.

How does this trend affect us?

Maybe in the past, as a business owner to hire an influencer was just an idea or too expensive. But now instead of focusing on someone with millions of followers, find someone that provides good quality in your niche.

For example, you sell baby swaddles and accessories. Instead of hiring one influencer with millions of followers, you can hire 5 or 10 mom influencers who can show and review your products to their audience. Mom influencers are already focused in this world. They are already talking about the best accessories for their babies and can help create that brand awareness.

In conclusion, e-commerce continues to grow with new technologies to make it simpler and with new marketing channels to boost sales from different fronts. You do not have to apply every single trend to your strategy. However, it is good to stay updated with the new trends, what works in other online stores so you can apply what works best for yours.

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