Promoting Experiential Gifts in Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

Individuals hold paint brushes and paint mountains on a canvas.

A painting class is one of many experiences that can be given as a gift this Valentine’s Day.

Think Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns only benefit candy, flower, and jewelry companies? Think again. According to the National Retail Federation, 40 percent of individuals want to receive the gift of a special experience, such as a fun trip or concert tickets. With consumers estimated to spend more than $20 billion this holiday, you should use digital channels to illustrate how your brand delivers memorable experiences.

Explore four ways your organization can tap into this niche and improve your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign.

Show, Don’t Tell

The old adage rings true, but we’re not just talking about descriptive language. Share beautiful photography across platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. This helps followers see why their loved one will adore the experience your brand offers. Don’t have strong photos? Ask individuals who have tagged your brand if you can regram their best work—with a photo credit, of course.


Hashtags help users find posts that are all related to keywords they are searching. Someone hunting for a Valentine’s Day present may try phrases like #ValentinesGifts or #GiftIdeas. Choose a couple to add to your posts, but remember to search them first to see what content each returns. Although it might be tempting to load your posts with hashtags, don’t go overboard. Follow this hashtag guide to learn how many make sense across each platform.

Improve Your SEO

Your social media channels should link to a fresh, relevant blog on your website. This gives you the opportunity to describe your service in more detail and explain why you’re marketing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift experience. To ensure that same blog reaches web searchers, you’ll want to focus on SEO (search engine optimization). While you can dive into a number of SEO strategies to claim a spot among top search results, pay special attention to the following:

1. Use pertinent keywords throughout your post, in the URL, and in titles.
2. Ensure your website loads quickly.
3. Avoid broken links.

Make Your E-mail Subject Line Pop

Don’t forget to blast your e-mail subscribers with a message promoting your unique Valentine’s Day gift experience. Keep in mind that many inboxes are overflowing with unread e-mails, so use a catchy subject line. Since most consumers only spend a few seconds browsing an e-mail, make sure the body your message is concise and contains a strong graphic.

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