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Do you use LinkedIn for B2B marketing and wonder if you are making the most out of the platform?  As stated by Foundation Inc, as of January 2019, eighty percent of B2B leads come from LinkedIn versus thirteen percent on Twitter and seven percent on Facebook!  What are the best ways to use LinkedIn for marketing?

Breathe New Life into Existing Content

Whew.  Brand managers can all take a breather because LinkedIn marketing is more effective when existing campaigns are slightly tweaked to keep them fresh. According to Drum, previous campaigns outperform new ideas by a factor of five to one. For example, Mastercard aims to be the preferred supplier to banks, governments, and merchants by building brand equity with consumers.    Fortunately for Mastercard, their twenty-three-year-old priceless campaign still resonates with their core customers.  The brand only changes it to reflect current messages while still retaining the original feel of the campaign.   In doing so, Mastercard continues to be successful with both B2C and B2B customers.

Use LinkedIn Publisher and Post in LinkedIn Groups

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@Content Marketing Institute

LinkedIn groups are not for overtly promotional posts. To be effective in a group,  brands must expect to curate content for each one.  Foundation Inc also points out that the LinkedIn community is not taking advantage of the publisher platform. They found that out of 500 million LinkedIn users, only 0.2% have used LinkedIn’s publisher platform!  As algorithms favor native content, sharing from the publisher platform is effective.  LinkedIn posts also rank highly on Google which means using the publisher platform helps brand search engine optimization.

Tailor Messages with LinkedIn Video

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@Bosch uses Micro Influencer Video for B2B Market

Since late 2017, LinkedIn has been promoting video produced on their platform and most recently, LinkedIn Live.   In the B2B segment, brands can use video to adapt messages for prospects at different points in the sales cycle.    For instance, Bosch used micro influencers to illustrate benefits of their tools to a B2B market considering Bosch and Craftsman tools.   Different videos can then be created for users who have already purchased Bosch and are brand loyal.  Once again, curated video content targeted at a specific audience is more effective than unsolicited video sent out to a broad, general group.

LinkedIn is offering several features to allow B2B marketers to leverage relationships with all their clients and customers.  Regardless of where customers are in the sales funnel, LinkedIn allows B2B brands to build quality connections.

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