Tourism and the Power of Social Media

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Tourism is a big sector in the U.S economy, therefore, it is important to adapt to new social media strategies in this industry. By 2027, tourism will contribute more than 2.6 trillion dollars to the economy.

Adapting Tourism to Social Media

Did you know that 60% of travelers share photos in social media? You, as a tourism business professional, can and should implement social media to create your brand awareness.

More and more future travelers resort to social media to plan their vacations. The traveler journey is the sum of all those digital and non-digital moments in which he collects all the necessary information and inspires him at the end to make that trip decision.  

The key to success in this industry is to generate content of interest and share it to the audience accurately. Tell the story of the destination in a way people feel connected to it. The goal is to hook potential travelers with the destination you are promoting.

Engage them with things to do, fun activities, places to eat, how to travel from point A to B. Pretty much your company needs to become a personal tour guide for the customer. Some channels your company can use to send this message is through keeping an updated website, blogs, vlogs and social media.

Nowadays, social media plays a big role in picking a destination with travelers. For example, before 2017, Hong Kong Airlines had zero social media strategy. Today, thanks to this implementation, they are building brand awareness. They have about 70,000 brand mentions per year and the company is discussed in 190 online conversations per day and growing.

Social Media and Inspiration

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Studies show that social media can have a significative impact at the time to plan a trip. In fact, 52% of Facebook users say they are inspired by pictures of their friends for future trips.

If your company decides to implement social media as part of their marketing strategy, keep the content updated.

Finally, have a good social media presence, whether it is through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with engaging content. Responding to any questions your followers have in a timely manner will help you attract returning customer.

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