Strategically Increasing Connections via Email

Strategically Increasing Connections through Email

The average office worker receives about 90 emails a day, and on average around 40 or more are business related. So, if you are looking at this deeper into the numbers, a company who has 500 employees will send out about 20,000 business emails per day.

Now you come to how you could use your emails to create more attraction to your actual company? How can you add personal business connections and create relationships by adding links below your email signature?

Your signature can be 100% personalized with the best criteria to help you and your company excel. When you are trying to further or increase connections, there are plenty of techniques to do so.

1.     Add your company site

2.     Add any of your company’s social media platform links (ex. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Etsy Account, etc.)

3.     If you are more personally based or advertise your business through your personal accounts, be sure to add those as well. (LinkedIn, personal website and Instagram, cell phone number, extension through main office contact)

4.     Ex: if you are a realtor, add a direct link to the homes you have listed

5.     Add a link to sign up for whatever your company is trying to provide. Ex: if you are a Mortgage Lending company, place a link to apply for a loan below your signature)

Depending on your profession, your links and signatures may vary.

In the example above, Amber has listed all forms of social media and connecting sites to her signature.

As a result of updating and improving your signature, you will create more leads for yourself. By altering your signature, your company increasing your client’s knowledge and awareness, all the while accumulating more traffic thus increasing yearly profit.

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